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The alternative Blue Heelers web site
BH Moments

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Season One (1994) Season Two (1995) Season Three (1996)
Season Four (1997) Season Five (1998) Season Six (1999)
The PJ/Maggie/Ben Saga (1998-2000) Philosphies & Odd Thoughts

These are transcripts of “Blue Heelers Moments” — memorable scenes from the show over the years.  Some are only a few lines long, while others include whole scenes.  There are some very memorable BH moments that I haven’t included on these pages because they are just too amazing to describe, and I don’t think I’d do them any credit.

I won’t be adding any new ’BH Moments’ pages, sorry, since I don’t watch the show anymore, but I will occasionally add to the pages that are already here.

Thanks to Larina, because I couldn’t have done about 90% of this without her, and thanks to Nadine for letting me use bits from ‘The Living Dead’ (ep. 191) and ‘Be Prepared’ (ep. 253) off her Unofficial PJ and Maggie Shrine.

Plus thanks to Rach, for your inspiring WR quote pages.  :]  Check out Rach’s page, Walking On Water!

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