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BH Moments - Season 5

The Heelers play rock, paper, scissors in 'A Piece of Cake' ... Dash a while before she was diagnosed with cancer ... Zoe and Nick ... Adam, a while before his downfall, in 'Deed Not the Breed'

# Shortcut Links #

'Secrets (Part 1)' (# 171)

In the locker room

Maggie is buttoning up her shirt.  PJ opens the door and steps in.

PJ: Welcome back.
Maggie: (smiling)  Yep.  Same to you.
PJ: Hi.  (He steps closer to her with a grin)
Maggie: Hi.  (grins back)  Don't — do this here.  Don't, do this  (they kiss)  don't do this... (they start to get passionate)  No PJ,  (kiss)  we can't here, not here.  (PJ doesn't move away.)  No.  Hmm?
PJ: Oh.  Sorry.
Maggie: Okay.  We, we just agreed that, you know, it should be a secret for the best.  (They start kissing again.)  Umm,  (kiss)  do you want to open the umm,  (kiss)  do you want to open the door?  (kiss)  Before anybody, gets a bit suspicious?
PJ: Okay, I'll open the door.
Maggie: Okay.  You open the door.  (PJ goes to open it)  Oh um, wait.  Whereabouts did you go, on your holiday.
PJ: (confused)  To Hamilton Island, with you.
Maggie: No no no no, where did you go, on your holiday?  Hmm?
PJ: (catches on)  Ah, ahhh ... ohhh ... (grins)  Kakadu...
Maggie: (smiles)  Kakadu.  That's good.
PJ: Kakadu...  (He moves closer to her)
Maggie: That's good, Kakadu.  (kiss)
PJ: (grinning)  What's in Kakadu...?
Maggie: Oh...  (kiss)  crocodiles  (kiss)  big ones  (kiss)  with big teeth.  (She breathes loudly into his mouth)

PJ grins and goes out of the locker room.

* * * * * *

In the station

PJ, Maggie, Nick and Adam are all standing around in the main station.  Dash arrives for her shift.

Dash: Morning!
Maggie: Morning!
Dash: Oh!  Welcome back, we missed you guys.
Maggie: Thank you.
Nick: Oh, it was awful, we had crime all the time here...
Dash: So how was Hamilton Island?
Maggie: Absolutely beautiful.
Dash: How was the talent?
Maggie: Well I wasn't really looking... (flips through some photos)  The er, the Christmas snaps are really good.
Dash: So PJ.  Where did you end up?
PJ: Er, Crocadoo.  Er, Kakadu actually.
Nick: Mate, you didn't tell us you were going up there.
PJ: You didn't ask, mate!
Maggie: (interrupting quickly)  Hey Nick, did you pass your Sergeant's exam?
Nick: Yep, thumbs up.
Maggie: Congratulations.  This is er, charming... (holds up a photo of Nick with a wacky expression)
Dash: So come on, give us the goss!
Maggie: Goss?  What goss?
Dash: (grins)  I can see you've got that glow...
Maggie: Oh, it's sunburn.

Tom comes out of his office.

Tom: Off the desk, McKinley.
Dash: (gets off)  Oh, morning.
Tom: As soon as you've finished with your holiday romance stories, Doyle, I'll bring you and Hasham up to date.  My office as soon as you're ready.
* * * * * *

In the station

Dash and Maggie have been down to the local school talking to the teacher about a convicted child molester who's had his parole transferred to Victoria.  The problem is, his kids live in the area.  Dash's mischievous niece, "Macca", tells Dash and Maggie that she saw a stranger loitering around the school, so they've taken her to the station for a few more questions.

Maggie: (leading Macca through)  This way, thanks Macca.
Macca: (looks around)  Cool!
Dash: Come over here, sweetie.
Maggie: (to Tom)  Ah be warned, she's a live one.

Macca wanders around the station and re-enacts her "encounter".

Macca: I saw him moving in the bushes, so I picked up my laser  (she picks up a ruler), and I crept over to him,  (she points the ruler at PJ)  and I go "BEND OVER AND SPREAD 'EM DEAD!"  Then I zapped him.  Peew!!  (She shoots with the "laser".  PJ looks unimpressed.)
Tom: Young lady —
Macca: I'm no lady.
PJ: (nods)  Hmm.
Macca: Wait, this is the best bit.  Peew!!  But he dodged the rays, so I had to kick him in the you-know-what —
Dash: Oh all right Macca, time to settle down and tell the truth.
Macca: (grins)  True story.
Dash: Yeah so why didn't you say any of that last night at dinner?
Macca: Didn't want to give Nanna another kindy attack.
Tom: Macca, did you get a good look at this man's face?
Macca: Yeah ... it was Mark and Joey's dad, just released from prison.

Dash gives Macca a look.  PJ picks up a photo of Nick (out of uniform), and shows it to Macca.

PJ: Is this the man?
Macca: Yep, that's him.  Real mean ugly-looking man.

Adam laughs.  Just then, Nick comes in through the back.

PJ: (smiles)  Macca, have you met Senior-Constable Schultz?
Macca: Umm ... must have been his evil twin.

'Smoke and Mirrors' (# 173)

In the CI office

Nick and Maggie are interviewing Mandy Barnes, who claims that she's been sexually assaulted.

Nick: Er ... the alleged assault took place last night.  That right, Miss Barnes?
Mandy: Yeah.  The bastard grabbed me, wouldn't leave me alone.
Nick: Mmm.  Where was this?
Mandy: My tits!  Hurt too.
Nick: Er, no no, *where* did the alleged assault occur.

* * * * * *

At the Imperial

A magic show is about to begin.  Nick is the only Heeler in uniform.

Zoe: I thought Tom was going to give you the night off tonight.
Nick: Well you know, someone's gotta crack a few heads.
Zoe: Yep, you crack 'em, I fix 'em. It's a great partnership.

'Moving House' (# 174)

In the station

Dash arrives at the station for her shift.  Tom is whistling a happy tune.

Dash: Morning!  (Tom opens the swing door for her, still whistling.)  Oh!  Must be pay day.
Adam: (grinning)  He's going out tonight, more like it.
Tom: Say something Cooper?
Adam: No Boss, not me.
PJ: I er, I hear lawyers' fees are going up.
Nick: Yes, you'd think they'd be able to afford their own dinners out, wouldn't you.  (Adam laughs)
Tom: Very funny.  I owe Sally Downie a dinner, I am simply honouring a debt.  Alright?
Nick: What's he talking about?
PJ: No idea, mate.

* * * * * *

In the CI car

PJ and Maggie have stopped at a deserted property on the way back to the station, deciding to take the 'scenic route'.  Maggie is holding the picture of the missing house.

Maggie: (points to the vacant property)  You see over there, that's exactly where I'd like a house like this.  (PJ pulls her closer, and she smiles.)
PJ: Yeah?  It's a bit isolated.
Maggie: No, it would suit me just fine.  There'd be no interfering neighbours.
PJ: What about flatmates, flatmates?  
Maggie: (shakes her head)  Nup, just me.  Maybe a dog.
PJ: Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff.
Maggie: (smiles)  Oh okay, and the occasional guest.
PJ: (points at her)  Mmm.
Maggie:  What about you?
PJ: (puts his arm around her)  Anywhere where I can be all alone with you, Ms Doyle.  (They kiss.)

* * * * * *

At Dash & Maggie's house

There's a knock on the door, and Maggie goes and opens it.  PJ steps in, flipping a bottle of wine in his hand.

PJ: (putting on a deep voice)  It's a cheeky little drop, especially consumed in intimate circumstances.
Maggie: (laughs)  Well it's er, it's very lovely, but er, not now.

PJ's backing Maggie into the kitchen.

PJ: Well, it's er, really quite palettable afterwards.
Maggie: After, after what?  (PJ swiftly lifts her onto the kitchen bench.)  Oohh!
PJ: After this.
Maggie: Ohh.  (They start kissing)  Listen I um, I hate to have to stop you there but er, Dash is —
PJ: Don't worry about Dash, she won't be back for a while.
Maggie: Er...
PJ: I thought we were —

Dash's voice calls through from another room.

Dash: Maggie?

PJ and Maggie spring apart, and Maggie quickly gets off the kitchen bench.  Shot cuts to adjoining room.  Maggie comes out of the kitchen.

Dash: Have you got another pillowcase?
Maggie: Uh yeah, I have.
Dash: The one my mum's given me is just a whit.
Maggie: Oh.

PJ comes into the room.

PJ: Hi.
Dash: PJ!  I thought you wanted an early night.  (She looks curiously at PJ and Maggie)
PJ: Aahhh...
Maggie: Well he uh,  (clears her throat)  he lost a bet, he's just coming to pay up.  (She holds up the bottle of wine.)  I'm going to make it French Champagne next time.
PJ: Okay, well I'm not betting with you Doyle, it's too er ... it's just — too, too much.  (Hurriedly)  See ya.
Maggie: Well see you tomorrow.
Dash: Bye.  (PJ goes out)
Maggie: Okay.
PJ: Bye.
Maggie: Bye.  Drive carefully.  (She shuts the door)
Dash: What — what was the bet about?
Maggie: Oh God, you wouldn't want to know.  Umm, I'll just get the pillowcase.  (She walks off)
* * * * * *

At Dash & Maggie's house

Dash has gone to a concert in Melbourne.  PJ and Maggie are kissing on the couch, and PJ's shirt is totally unbuttoned, while Maggie is just wearing a singlet top.

Maggie: (between kisses)  Do you want to go in to the bedroom?
PJ: Oh, let's forget the bedroom, forget the bedroom.

Maggie is kissing PJ's neck when suddenly, Dash's voice is heard.

Dash: It's okay Mags, it's only me.

PJ and Maggie freeze at the sound of Dash's voice.

Maggie: Oh my God, it's Dash... (She quickly gets off PJ)  Get dressed, get dressed!
Dash: (from the other room)  You won't believe what happened...
Maggie: (in a panic, to PJ)  Will you hide!  (She grabs the wine glasses on the table)
PJ: Where?  Where?
Maggie: Anywhere!

Maggie puts the glasses and the bottle of wine behind a cushion, and PJ jumps behind the couch and falls onto the ground.  Maggie then quickly lies down on the couch.

Dash: ... I go all that way, just my luck, and they cancel on me!

Dash opens the door to the room, and Maggie gets up from the couch, pretending that she's just woken up.

Maggie: Ohhh...
Dash: Are you okay?
Maggie: Oh, yeah.  I must have fallen asleep.

Dash turns to close the door.  Maggie spots PJ's boots and throws them behind the couch.  They hit PJ, and he grunts.

Maggie: Oh well, I might as well go to bed.
Dash: It's a bit early, isn't it?
Maggie: Well, there's nothing else to do, really.  Why'd they cancel?
Dash: Well apparently the lead singer got busted for drugs or something.
Maggie: Oh, really?  You should have stayed in Melbourne and made a night of it anyway.
Dash: Well I thought about it, but I wanted to settle in, you know?
Maggie: Yeah.
Dash: Do you want a coffee?
Maggie: (seizing the opportunity)  I would love one.  Ta.

Maggie watches Dash as she leaves the room, then turns and whispers urgently to PJ.

Maggie: Go, go.

PJ gets up and tiptoes quickly to the door, holding his boots.  He stops to kiss Maggie.

Maggie: (pushing him out)  Go.

PJ pokes his head back in.

PJ: (in a whisper)  Oh, hey, hey, here, take your bra.

Maggie takes it and throws it at the couch.  They share another quick kiss, then PJ goes, and Maggie closes the door.

'A Piece of Cake' (# 175)

In the station

(Nick has been assigned to Tony Timms for his latest story on "a day in the life" of a policeman.  Nick's decided that he's going to make the day as boring as possible for Timmsy, so that maybe the journalist will just drop off and stop pestering him.)

Nick and Timmsy are standing in the kitchen.

Nick: Right.  (He clears his throat)  This, is where we make our tea and coffee.  (He opens the fridge and takes out a carton of milk.)
Timmsy: No I'm serious, come on.  What's it like when you have to arrest someone that you know, or what if you think you have to shoot someone 'cause they're coming at you.  (Nick's sniffing the milk.)  You know, what's the personal cost to you?
Nick: That smell off to you?  (He pushes the carton into Timmsy's face)
Adam: (carrying a clipboard)  Hey, PJ...
Nick: Milk's off, Dash!
Adam: I'm doing the er, meat list for the barbecue.
PJ: Yes, I would love those Italian spicy sausages, mate.
Adam: Yes.
PJ: Make sure they're *Italian* though.
Nick: We need some more milk!
Dash: I got milk yesterday!
Timmsy: got a de facto?  An enemy?  ... I want to present you as a human being, like just the same as everybody.
Nick: Well, I'm a human being.  That good enough for you?  (to Dash)  Before you get the milk, do you want to re-stock the form cupboard, because we're running low on forms, (turns to Timmsy)  and that'd be a disaster if we run out, we wouldn't have anything to fill out!
Dash: (to Maggie)  Why am I being punished?
Timmsy: (trying to get Nick's attention)  What's the first thing you think of, when you see a dead body?
Nick: I'm glad it's not me.

Timmsy's starting to look a bit frustrated.

Dash: 'Scuse me Boss, I'm going to bring my own.
Nick: Not those rancid vegie things!  (Adam laughs)
Dash: What's wrong with them?
Nick: They go against the whole idea in the tradition of barbecues.  Isn't that right Tony?  Hmm?  A barbecue is for the (PJ choruses with Nick) burning consumption of meat!!
Timmsy: Okay.  Alright, enough of the boys' stuff.  I mean, I mean what are you working on now, you guys?  When do we get, to go out on the road and you know, burn some rubber and stuff?
Nick: Ohh, there's lots to do before we get to that point, because we've gotta make sure everything is ship-shape around here first, isn't that right Constable Cooper.
Adam: (looks up)  ...Yeah.
Nick: We've got to check our dates!  Because we don't want to look like a goose when we run out our tickets!
Timmsy: (trying to hurry things up)  It's the tenth today.  The tenth is today.
Nick: Is it?  Right, so it is.  (Pauses for a moment, then steps over to the counter)
Timmsy: What?  What's wrong?  Is that date significant?
Nick: Well mate, it could be, and I very nearly got it slip.  You see that book up there, mate?  That's the running sheet, who's doing what, and this, (picks up a book) another *very* important book, 'The Brief Book'.  It's a current list of er, current prosecutions and arrests.  It belongs over here in the cupboard, (puts it in the cupboard) because everything has its place, and there's a place for everything, isn't that right Constable McKinley?
Dash: Supposed to be.
Nick: Good on ya.  And, this is another very interesting book over here mate, 'Absent Property Owners book'.  All the people who are away on holidays.
Timmsy: (starting to look very bored)  Great.
Nick: Lots of people are always on holidays, mate.
Timmsy: There you go, where do you go for your holidays?
Nick: The police don't go away on holidays, Tony.  We work twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, protecting the Mt Thomas Community.

'When Love Isn't Enough' (# 180)

In the patrol car

Dash: So, d'you think I'd ever make Senior Constable?
Nick: Nah, who'd promote you?
Dash: (gives him a look)  How'd you get promoted?
Nick: I'm a good copper, I work hard, and most importantly McKinley, I slept with the boss.
* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ's sitting alone in his office, holding that adorable photo of him and Maggie with Clancy and Leonie's baby, Rachel.  He's about to kiss the image of Maggie in the photo, when Maggie suddenly comes in.

Maggie: Hey PJ, Phillips has been charged with — (She sees the photo.)  What's that?
PJ: What?
Maggie: (smiling)  That, in your hands.
PJ: Oh, oh.  (Maggie knows what it is, and smiles.)  I er ... oh, just having a look.

Maggie walks over and crouches down beside him, and gazes at the photo.

Maggie: Ohh...
PJ: You know, I just — can't believe that anyone would think that Rachel's our kid.  I mean, look, she doesn't look like either of us.
Maggie: No....  But I wonder if we did have a daughter, who she would take after.
PJ: You, I hope.
Maggie: Oh, except for my ears.
PJ: What, your ears?  I love your ears.
Maggie: (beams)  Do you?
PJ: I love 'em.
Maggie: Well she would have your complexion.
PJ: Well, I'd love her to have yours.
Maggie: Oh, and your eyes, I would just love it if she had your eyes.
PJ: (smiles)  She would be a cutie ... wouldn't she?
Maggie: Yeah, she would...
PJ: She'd look really good...

Maggie and PJ smile and laugh, still gazing at the photo.  Then they look at each other.

Maggie: I mean, not that it is likely to happen within the near future, of course.
PJ: No, no, absolutely.
Maggie: (gets up)  I mean, could you imagine a baby stroller out on ahh, the job?
PJ: Absolutely not, no.
Maggie: I'm going to go and finish off my reports.
PJ: Okay.  (She goes out)

PJ stares at the photo for a moment, then smiles.  He gets up, pins the photo on his noticeboard, and brushes the image of baby Rachel with his thumb.

'Stars In Their Eyes' (# 181)

In the station

Dash: Oh, well, there's going to be plenty of action when they make that movie around here, (grins at Maggie) like men under 30 who are only half-ugly and can string more than two words together.
Adam: Come on!
Dash: 'Come on!'  Perfect example!
Adam: Get stuffed.
Dash: 'Get stuffed!' You're just digging a hole for yourself baby, you know that!
* * * * * *

In the station

Keith: You know my taxes pay your wages.
Nick: Yeah, no wonder I'm wearing last year's undies.

'Waste of Space' (# 184)

In the station

(Dash was telling Nick earlier that she thinks Maggie is in a really serious relationship at the moment, but she doesn't know whom with.)

Nick's standing in the kitchenette, and Maggie walks over for a drink.

Nick: How's it going Doyley, you dirty rotten stop-out!
Maggie: Excuse me?
Nick: I hear the drought's broken in a *big* way.

A phone rings.

Maggie: I'd better get that.
Nick: You're already getting it from what I hear.
* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ and Maggie are talking to Leila and Merv.

Leila: With the rules at the home about visitors, we hardly get to see each other at all, let alone do any —
Merv: Leila...
Leila: Well you know what I mean.
Maggie: Well Leila, why don't you just go over to Merv's place?
Leila: (shocked)  Maggie.  You know a real lady would never call on a man.

Maggie and PJ give each other a look!

'A Bit of Biff' (# 185)

In Tom's office

(Adam wants to box in a charity match, but Tom, Nick and Dash are really against the idea.)

Nick's now talking to Tom in his office.  He holds up a white bakery box.

Nick: This is the skull.  (He lifts the lid to reveal Tom's vanilla slice inside.)  You see that?  That's the brain.  (He closes the box and puts it onto Tom's desk.)  This is what happens, when a hard punch hits the head.

Nick raises his arm.  Tom looks shocked.

Tom: Careful of my —

Nick smashes his fist onto the box.  He then lifts the lid to reveal a rather squashed vanilla slice.

Tom: I hope you're going to replace that.
Nick: That could be Cooper's brain.
Tom: It's already Cooper's brain, if you ask me.  How else would he get involved in such a stupid situation?

'Mr Lucky' (# 186)

Out in the bush

Charlie the plumber is leading Dash and Maggie to where he thought the mysterious sounds and flashing lights had been coming from.  He's also annoying the hell out of them, because they don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Dash: Are you sure this is the direction?
Charlie: Oh, absolutement, mon cherie.  Now the sun sets over there, doesn't it?  (He walks on)
Maggie: Hey, if we kill him now here, no-one will ever know, will they?

'Catch of the Day' (# 188)

In the interview room

PJ and Tom are interviewing Tony Timms over a spate of food-poisoning.

Timmsy: What, you think I poison people just to manufacture a story?  What kind of low-life do you think I am?

PJ and Tom just give him a look.

Timmsy: I did not manufacture the story, all right?

'Deed Not the Breed' (# 189)

At Dash & Maggie's house

Tom has sent Maggie off to find Dash, who's just released a dog (suspected of attacking a local) from the pound, much to Tom's annoyance.  Maggie goes to their house.

Maggie: (looking for Dash)  Boy is the Boss going to be on your case.

She finds Dash, silently curled up next to the dog on the couch.

Maggie: What's up?  (Dash doesn't answer.)  Dash.  (Maggie sits down next to Dash on the couch.)  What's up?

Shot cuts to Maggie and Dash at the station, stepping into Tom's office.

Tom: McKinley.  Of all the reckless, irresponsible things to do, this...
Maggie: Boss, Dash has something she needs to tell you.
Tom: Yes, well it had better be good.
Maggie: Boss.  (She shuts the door)
Tom: McKinley?
Dash: Do you remember a few weeks ago I had a ... flu.  (Tom's expression changes.)  And um ... I thought it would go away.
Maggie: Except it didn't.  Dash went back to see Zoe, who found a few things that she didn't like, and so sent her to see a specialist.
Tom: Well what did they say?  Are you all right?
Dash: No.  They think I've got cancer.

'Victims' (# 190)

In the CI car

Detective Sergeant Ben Stewart is in town, and he and PJ are now on their way to investigate a matter.

Ben: That umm ... Maggie's a pretty good sort.
PJ: (slightly raises his eyebrows to himself, and glances at Ben)  Really?
Ben: I actually thought you and she might be ahh ... you know.  The detective antennas were picking up signals.
PJ: What?  Me and Maggie?  No ... (laughs)  Oh, no!  No...
Ben: Great.  (looks out the car window)  There's our man.
PJ: Anyway, I've er, heard that she's seeing some guy from St Davids.

'The Living Dead' (# 191)

In the hospital

Maggie's visiting Dash, who's in hospital for her chemo treatment.

Maggie: You should come back to work because there is a very attractive Detective Sergeant called Ben Stewart, who you may want to get to know because he's just your type.
Dash: Ooooh!  What about your type?
Maggie: Nahhh.
Dash: Maggie, we've got to find you a man.
Maggie: Naahhh.
Dash: No, come on!  If you like him you have him!  You need him.
Maggie: I need him?  I don't want him!
Dash: Okay, then I'll have him.
Maggie: (laughs)  You're mad.

* * * * * *

At Dash & Maggie's house

Maggie goes to answer the door.  She opens it and sees PJ.

PJ: Hi.
Maggie: Oh, hi.
PJ: Er, I've just got the burg brief that we can go over for Monday.
Maggie: Tonight?
PJ: Er yeah, well it's just that we've been busy the last couple of days, I er...
Maggie: I...
PJ: Er, well, I, I don't want to cut into your time with Ben.  (He looks at her dress)  Nice dress.
Maggie: Oh, it's um...
PJ: It's new.
Maggie: ...quite old.

They move towards the dinner table.

PJ: Well, look at this!  Quite romantic, eh?  Prawns?  You never cook prawns for me, Mags.
Maggie: I wanted tonight to be ... special.
PJ: Yeah.  (Maggie pours a glass of champagne.)  You er, you sort of well, like him, don't you?

Maggie hesitates, then smiles at PJ.

Maggie: It's for you.  I'd knew you'd come over.
PJ: Well — what, what about the cosy little chat?
Maggie: Well I told him that I absolutely couldn't see anybody from work.
PJ: (smiles)  Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Maggie smiles and PJ kisses her on the cheek.  He sits down at the table, and she promptly takes away the dish of prawns.

Maggie: Shame about the prawns though.
PJ: Oh what — what?
Maggie: The burg briefs.
PJ: No no no no, they're, they're not urgent.  (He takes the dish of prawns off her and puts it back on the table.)
Maggie: Really?
PJ: No.
Maggie: Liar liar pants on fire.  (PJ pulls her down onto his lap.)
PJ: Well that's why we get along so well Mags.

They kiss and the chair falls over, and the two fall to the ground, screaming and laughing.

* * * * * *

In the hospital

Dash had a chemotherapy treatment earlier in the day, and she's lying in her hospital bed.  Adam comes in holding a tiny patty cake with a candle on it.

Adam: (softly)  Dash.
Dash: (looks up)  What are you doing here?  What — what's that?
Adam: (smiles)  I'm going to come in after every chemo treatment.  (She looks at him.)  Twelve's not too much to ask.  Anyway it's only eleven now, hey.  (Dash nods with a small smile.)  Blow that out.

Dash laughs a little and blows out the candle.

Adam: (smiles)  Well done.
Dash: You know I'm going to vomit with that cake, don't you, you know that.
Adam: Well ... that's why I brought *this*.  (He holds up a big plastic bag)

They both laugh, and Dash puts her hand to her face, looking like she's about to cry.

Adam: You alright?

Dash nods and laughs.

'The Dark Side' (# 193)

At a local shop

PJ and Maggie arrive at a shop, which has just been held up.  They go over to Nick.

PJ: So, what've we got?
Nick: We've an attempted hold-up, er ... security guard got wounded, that's er, the club manager over there, Max Sinclair.
PJ: Oh yeah, we've met.  (He walks off)
Nick: (turns to Maggie)  Hey, what are you doing here on a Sunday night when I call him?  (indicates towards PJ)
Maggie: You get two for the price of one.  Problem?  (She walks off and Nick just looks at her.)

* * * * * *

In the station

Nick, PJ, Ben and Maggie have been discussing a case.  Ben and PJ go off to investigate the case further.  Nick looks at Maggie.

Nick: You've er ... you never answered my question last night.
Maggie: What?
Nick: About you and PJ.
Maggie: (grabs some files)  The er, the collision report you wanted, it's just in there.  I'll get...  (she walks off)
Nick: You still haven't answered my question.

* * * * * *

In Tom's office

PJ and Maggie want Tom to keep Detective Peppy Romano away from their investigation.

Tom: I'm not sure that I like any of this, this is all getting a bit out of hand.  And I *know* that Monica Draper would not be happy about it at all.
Maggie: Well what she doesn't know won't hurt —
Tom: Don't even think it, Doyle.

'Murder In Mind' (# 195)

In Tom's office

Chris is telling Tom about a 40-year-old diary that she's found, in which a woman has confessed to killing her lover.

Chris: Look, are you going to investigate this or not?
Tom: I'll ... look at it more closely and then make a decision *after* I've been through this lot with PJ.  I'm sorry Chris, but we do have a few contemporary crimes to deal with.
Chris: Alright.  (She gets up)  I'll find out how it got into my cellar in the first place.

She opens the door, and Dash suddenly falls into the room, clinging onto the doornob, obviously caught eavesdropping.

Dash: (straightening up)  Oh!  Hi, do you need a lift?

'Nine Lives' (# 198)

In the station

Maggie and PJ have just come in from investigating a burg.  Nick's working on some new rosters.

Tom: How're those new rosters going?
Nick: Oh, coming.
Maggie: New rosters?  What about the long weekend?  Don't tell me that I've lost the long weekend.
Nick: (puts on a business-like voice)  The new circumstances —
Maggie: Oh, what new circumstances?

The locker room door opens and Ben appears, in uniform.

Ben: Oh, g'day Peej.  Hey Maggie.

Maggie is a bit shocked to see him.

Maggie: Oh Ben.  What what, what are you doing here?
Nick: Oh, he's the new circumstances.
Dash: Hi Ben!
Maggie: What, Detective Sergeant Stewart?
Ben: No no, Senior Constable Stewart.  I got demoted for taking Sergeant Romano apart.

Maggie's still looking shocked to see him, and doesn't know what to say.

'Child's Play' (# 200)

Outside the station

PJ and Maggie haven't had that much time together since Ben moved into PJ's house, and they've talked about asking Ben to get his own place.

Maggie: Well you and Ben are quite the perfect flatmates.
PJ: Yeah, well he's a great bloke.  He's a fantastic cook, and he's *really* tidy.
Maggie: (surprised at the response)  But he's still getting in the way, isn't he.
PJ: Yeah ... I just haven't had a chance to tell him, Mags.  Been a bit busy lately you know.
Maggie: (giving him a funny look)  You um, you do want him to go though, don't you?
PJ: (unconvincingly)  Yeah.
Maggie: Yeah.  Oh, Dash is staying at her Mum's place again tonight.
PJ: Aaahhhh ... good.
Maggie: (enthusiastically)  So, we've um, we got the house to ourselves.
PJ: (nods slowly)  Good.
Maggie: After all, you wouldn't choose Ben's cooking over *me*, would you?

PJ stops and doesn't reply.  Maggie looks at him and gives him a shove.

Maggie: Get outta here!

'Turkish Delight' (# 203)

At the Imperial

(Nick's friend Denise, a young local Turkish woman, is soon to be wed in an arranged marriage.)

The Heelers are talking about a Turkish immigrant who turned up at the station earlier that day.

Tom: Ah, is Ingrid looking after our Turkish friend?
Ben: Yeah, he's getting stuck into another full square meal as we speak, but poor bugger, he must have been starving.
Tom: You wouldn't reckon his missus would just chuck him out in the cold like that, would you?
Nick: Well you know Boss, the females are deadlier than the males.
Dash: What I don't understand is, why a woman would agree to a loveless marriage with a total stranger?
Nick: Well why do you think I'm so worried about young Denise?
Dash: Exactly!  Young Denise!  I mean, can you imagine what their sex life is going to be like!  A young girl, an old man, it's disgusting.

Maggie kicks PJ's leg under the table and gives him a look.  PJ quickly changes the subject!

* * * * * *

In the CI office

(Ben has been cracking onto Maggie worse than usual lately, and Maggie has treated it with good humour.  However, Tom is not happy with the relationship he sees between them, given his stance on office romances!)

Maggie is now with PJ in the CI office.  They haven't had much time together lately, since Ben is staying with PJ.

PJ: Talking about going blind Mags, I want you so much I'm going, I'm going to go blind!
Maggie: Well, the answer is in your hands.
PJ: Beg your pardon?
Maggie: (giggles) I'm sorry, I should rephrase that.  (She smiles at him)  For me.  All you gotta do, is tell Ben that he has to find  (they kiss)  somewhere else to live.  (kiss)  Simple as that.
PJ: I've tried!  I've tried, but the only way he's going to move out, right, if I tell him the real reason what's going on with us.
Maggie: Well, you know maybe it's not such a bad idea.  I mean I am, quite frankly getting sick of all this hole-in-the-corner stuff, you know?
PJ:  Mags, please.  Now, you know how, the Boss feels about office relationships.
Maggie:  Yeah, I know, I know...
PJ:  Now you know that.  Now, he's going to transfer us, we'll be gone, we'll split up, off to Woop Woop.
Maggie:  Well, no, maybe not, maybe not.  No, you ... give me a chance...
PJ:  What?  (kiss)  What?
Maggie:  And when I get the right (kiss) feeling I'll sand him out and see what he thinks.

Shot cuts to Maggie coming out of the CI office.

Tom: Ah, Senior Constable Doyle, I'd like a word, please.  (He walks off, and Maggie gets a "What did I do?" look on her face.)
Maggie: (to PJ)  Wish me luck.

Shot cuts to Maggie stepping into Tom's office.

Tom: Close the door.  (Maggie closes it)
Maggie: Boss there's actually something that I wanted to talk to you —
Tom: Yeah I thought you might, ahh, but before you say anything that you might regret later, let me just say that,  (he takes a deep breath)  I'll just, let me make this very clear.  Personal relationships between colleagues, friend relations, are fine, but — in my experience, office romances ... er, can, can have a disastrous effect on discipline and efficiency, and...

Maggie catches on and has a "This is it" expression on her face.

Tom: Look, look, the bloke can charm the birds out of the trees, but ... well I mean, you must know, uh, about his track record with relationships.
Maggie: Oh I think that's a bit unfair, he's trying, I mean he —
Tom: Doyle, I just don't want you to get hurt.  I, I'm not even sure if he and his wife are divorced yet.
Maggie: (looks at Tom strangely)  Exactly who are we talking about?
Tom: Stewart, of course.
Maggie: (*very* surprised)  Ohh.
Tom: Look, I'm not blind, you know.
Maggie: Right, um ... Boss, you are right, and I will um, I'll try to keep it strictly business.  With Ben.  Thank you.

Maggie opens the door, goes out, closes the door and leans against it.

Maggie: Ohhh.

'Like Father Like Son' (# 204)

In the station

Tom has just helped to sort out a family feud without needing to make any arrests.  He turns to Ben with a pleased smile.

Tom:  You see Stewart?  That —
Adam, PJ & Dash: Is the way we do things in the bush!!
Tom: (gives them a look)  Shut up the lot of you.

'Wedding Blues' (# 207)

In the watch-house

Zoe's been accepted into post-graduate residence in psychiatry at a university in Baltimore, USA.  Nick has decided that he's going to go to the US with her, and has given Tom a letter of resignation.

Zoe: What's this I hear about you resigning?
Nick: Ah, I'm coming to Baltimore with you.
Zoe: Oh you are?  When did you decide this?
Nick: (sits down)  This morning.
Zoe: Nick — it's absolutely —
Nick: (interrupts)  I've got the celebrant booked, day after tomorrow.  That good to you?
Zoe: The celebrant, what for?
Nick: Well ... us.

Zoe stares at Nick.

Zoe: I don't know, I might be a bit slow today, but um ... are we getting married?  Huh?  'Cause you know that traditionally, you'd, you'd ask me first, find out if I say yes before you booked anywhere.  (Nick just looks at her.)  So — so ask me!
Nick: Come on...
Zoe: You — are a complete and utter fruitcake.
Nick: Alright, will you, will you?
Zoe: Will I, will I what?
Nick: Well, will you marry me?  You know...
Zoe: Oh, if that's the romantic proposal, then God help the rest of the marriage.
Nick: (looks at her with wide eyes)  Will, will you...
Zoe: Look, it's not a game, Nick!  You're talking about a lifelong commitment here, at least have the guts to propose to me properly!
Nick: Okay.  (pause)  Will you, will you marr—
Zoe: No, down on one knee you're supposed to be actually.
Nick: (obediently gets down on one knee, and looks up at her)  Marry me?
Zoe: Is that the best you can do?
Nick: Will you please marry me?
Zoe: Oh come on, come on, come on.  You can do better than that.
Nick: (pauses for a moment)  Zoe, will you please ... marry me.
Zoe: (sits down on his knee and smiles)  Ahh ... you're getting there Schultzy.
Nick: You haven't said yes yet.

Zoe laughs.

'Rotten Apples (Part 2)' (# 211)

At the Imperial

Dash has just asked Adam if she could have a 'private' chat with him.  She now holds out the small box that Adam gave to her earlier in the day, containing the friendship ring he'd bought for her.

Adam: What's this?
Dash: Just take it.
Adam: Not until you tell me what this is about.
Dash: You stole the money to buy this didn't you.  You took it from Mike Thompson's bedside table.
Adam: (stares at her)  You think I'm a thief.
Dash: Look me in the eye and tell me you're not, Adam.
Adam: I can't believe you think that.
Dash: Oh go on, one more lie, that shouldn't be too hard.
Adam: Alright, I lied to you once Dash.
Dash: No, Adam, twice.  That I know about.  You said you put this on credit, you didn't, you paid cash.  Two hundred and fifty dollars.
Adam: You checked up on me.  I thought you trusted me, Dash.
Dash: Just look me in the eye and tell me Adam.
Adam: I got a cash advance on my credit card.

Dash stares at him.

Dash: You've lied to me before.  How am I supposed to believe you now?  (She puts the box into his hand.)  You don't make me feel safe anymore Adam.

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