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BH Moments - The PJ/Maggie/Ben Saga

PJ and Maggie in 'Moving House', way before Ben arrived ... Detective Acting Sergeant Ben Stewart comes to town in 'The Dark Side' ... Emma Stewart's visions in 'Wishful Thinking' ... Maggie accepts PJ's proposal in 'Be Prepared'!

On this page, I've got quite a few scenes and quotes relating to the whole PJ/Maggie/Ben love triangle affair, from the first time Ben appeared on the show in 'Victims' in Season 5, up until 'Dance Crazy' in Season 7.

# Shortcut Links #

'Victims' (# 190)

In the station

Detective Ben Stewart is questioning a suspect with PJ in the interview room.  Maggie walks in (he hasn't met her yet).  When the interview is over and they all walk out, Maggie bumps into Ben.

Maggie: I'm sorry.  (She holds out her hand with a smile.)  Maggie Doyle.
Ben: Ben Stewart.  (He shakes her hand)
Maggie: Nice to meet you.
Ben: You too.  (She walks off, and he smiles after her.)

* * * * * *

In the CI car

Ben and PJ are on their way to investigate a matter.

Ben: That umm ... Maggie's a pretty good sort.
PJ: (slightly raises his eyebrows to himself, and glances at Ben)   Really?
Ben: I actually thought you and she might be ahh ... you know.  The detective antennas were picking up signals.
PJ: What?  Me and Maggie?  No ... (laughs)  Oh, no!  No...
Ben: Great.  (looks out the car window)  There's our man.
PJ: Anyway, I've er, heard that she's seeing some guy from St Davids.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

Maggie has been working with PJ and Ben on a case.  She's just announced she's finishing for the day, smiles at PJ and Ben then walks out.  Ben gives a low whistle.

PJ: What...
Ben: On with somebody at St Davids, you reckon?
PJ: (remembering)  Ohh, yes.  Apparently she's seeing one of the er, one of the braids there.
Ben: Seeing if I'm not treading on anyone's toes around here, I might ask her out.
PJ: (laughs, like it would be dumb for anyone to go out with Maggie)  What, go out with ol' Mags?
Ben: Yeah, my chance.  What do you reckon?
PJ: Er...  (starts sorting through his paperwork)  Umm.  Got a statement here mate, wanna take a squiz?  (He starts rambling on about the case.)

'The Living Dead' (# 191)

In the CI car

PJ: Maggie, Ben.  When are you going to tell Ben?
Maggie: Oh, I see.  Well, I don't know, I mean, what is, what's the big deal, maybe I should just go out with him.  Get it over and done with.  (PJ looks at her, and she laughs.)  It's a joke!  Open the glovebox.
PJ: Why?
Maggie: Do you have to question everything I ask you to do?
PJ: Why?
Maggie: Open the glovebox!

PJ opens the glovebox and there's a box in there with a ribbon on top.  He takes it out and smiles.

Maggie: Open it.

PJ opens the box, and there's a watch inside.  He turns it over and reads aloud the message engraved on the back.

PJ: (smiling)  "PJ loves M".
Maggie: You don't have to worry about Ben, PJ, I don't want to go out with him or anybody else.  I'm just — I'm waiting for an opportunity to tell him.

'The Dark Side' (# 193)

In the station

Ben's suspected of killing a suspect, and things aren't looking good for him.  Maggie bumps into him outside PJ's office.

Maggie: Oh, Ben.  You alright?
Ben: What do you reckon.  Being accused of something I didn't do.  Look, I didn't do it.
Maggie: Look, for what it's worth, I believe you.
Ben: Thanks, Maggie.  That's worth a lot, actually.

* * * * * *

In the station

Ben has just been spoken to by Monica Draper for punching Peppy Romano in public.  He walks out Tom's office.

Ben: Well.  Looks like I'm off to Melbourne to face the firing squad.
Maggie: What?
Ben: Disciplinary action.
Monica: Proceedings.
Ben: Yeah well maybe it won't be as bad as all that, but anyway, I better say my goodbyes.
Nick: Cheers mate.  All the best.  (He shakes hands with Ben)
Ben: Thanks mate.  Next time you see me I might be a civilian.
PJ: (shakes hands)  Sorry mate.  I was wrong.
Ben: (looks at Maggie)  Been nice knowing you Mags.
Maggie: Yeah.  You too.  (She steps over to Ben and shakes hands with him, then kisses him softly on the lips.  PJ tries to look uninterested and walks off.)
Monica: Let's go.
Ben: (looks around)  Yah.  See ya later.
Nick: See ya mate.

Monica and Ben leave, and Nick looks at Maggie as she walks past him.  She goes into PJ's office.  PJ's leaning against the wall on the far side, and she walks over to him.

PJ: So er ... what was that all about?
Maggie: (feigning ignorance)  What was what all about?
PJ: You know, the um...
Maggie: Oh, the...
PJ: Mmm.
Maggie: Well, I had to do something about Nick.  He was getting suspicious.  (She looks at him)  And I just happen to like kissing detectives.  (She smiles at him.)  I thought you knew that.  (She kisses him)  Some much more than others though.  (She kisses him again, then taps him on the nose.)  He did smell nice.

PJ smiles, then laughs.

'Nine Lives' (# 198)

In the station

Maggie and PJ have just come in from investigating a burg.  Nick's working on some new rosters.

Tom: How're those new rosters going?
Nick: Oh, coming.
Maggie: New rosters?  What about the long weekend?  Don't tell me that I've lost the long weekend.
Nick: (puts on a business-like voice)  The new circumstances —
Maggie: Oh, what new circumstances?

The locker room door opens and Ben appears, in uniform.

Ben: Oh, g'day Peej.  Hey Maggie.

Maggie is a bit shocked to see him.

Maggie: Oh Ben.  What what, what are you doing here?
Nick: Oh, he's the new circumstances.
Dash: Hi Ben!
Maggie: What, Detective Sergeant Stewart?
Ben: No no, Senior Constable Stewart.  I got demoted for taking Sergeant Romano apart.

Maggie's still looking shocked to see him, and doesn't know what to say.

* * * * * *

At PJ's house

PJ is helping Ben to settle into Mt Thomas, and they're now having a drink at PJ's house.

Ben: Well, just as long as there's no problem between us.
PJ: Ben, as far as I'm concerned mate, never has been, never will be.
Ben: (to himself)  Paranoia.
PJ: Yes, the prime attribute of every good ... uh, copper.
Ben: You were going to say detective just then, weren't you?
PJ: Do some time in uniform, before you know it, you'll be dealing with the scum of the earth.
Ben: Oh, gee, thanks. Actually it's not too bad you know ... (grins)  the scenery's pretty good.
PJ: Oh, yes yes yes, some of the local girls have been known to love a copper, yes.
Ben: Actually PJ.  Ah — I was thinking closer to home.
PJ: Ahhh.  Well you see Ben ahh, the Boss has got a bit of a down on relationships inside the office, you see. You've only got to look at a member sideways or something and he's thinking transfer.
Ben: PJ, just get over yourself will you, you're not their big brother.
PJ: No I'm not Ben, but you see, Tom Croydon thinks that he's their father.
Ben: Aaahh.
PJ: Aaahh.

'Child's Play' (# 200)

Outside the station

PJ and Maggie haven't had that much time together since Ben moved into PJ's house, and they've talked about asking Ben to get his own place.

Maggie: Well you and Ben are quite the perfect flatmates.
PJ: Yeah, well he's a great bloke.  He's a fantastic cook, and he's *really* tidy.
Maggie: (surprised at the response)  But he's still getting in the way, isn't he.
PJ: Yeah ... I just haven't had a chance to tell him, Mags.  Been a bit busy lately you know.
Maggie: (giving him a funny look)  You um, you do want him to go though, don't you?
PJ: (unconvincingly)  Yeah.
Maggie: Yeah.  Oh, Dash is staying at her Mum's place again tonight.
PJ: Aaahhhh ... good.
Maggie: (enthusiastically)  So, we've um, we got the house to ourselves.
PJ: (nods slowly)  Good.
Maggie: After all, you wouldn't choose Ben's cooking over *me*, would you?

PJ stops and doesn't reply.  Maggie looks at him and gives him a shove.

Maggie: Get outta here!

'Turkish Delight' (# 203)

At the Imperial

Ben is still living at PJ's house, despite some very big hints from Maggie and PJ, who desperately want more time together!

PJ: Oh, mate, how're you going with the er, flat-hunting?
Ben: Uh, nothing that I've seen that I like as much as your place mate.  Why, do you want to get rid of me, do you?
PJ: No, of course not.
Maggie: Still, there's nothing like being able to go back to your own place, shut the door, put your feet up, entertain who you want, when you want, is there?
Ben: Well look, if you promise to be my first and regular guest, O Jewel of the Night, I'll sign a lease tomorrow.
Nick: (in disgust)  Ohh...

Tom doesn't look very impressed with Ben's comments, considering the Boss's stance on office relationships.

* * * * * *

At the Imperial

The Heelers are relaxing at the Imperial.  Ben is playing fortune-teller, and is reading Maggie's palm.

Ben: (tracing Maggie's palm with his finger)  Um ... life line, you're in for a long, long time.
Maggie: Oh, good.
Ben: With ... three kids, probably.
Maggie: Three?
Ben: Yeah.
Maggie: Oh, God.
Ben: Ah, your heart line, which says you've been unlucky in love, but things are going to get a lot better in the future.  (PJ doesn't look very comfortable.)
Maggie: Well, I don't believe a word of it, because this is the wrong hand!
Ben: No no, that's the hand you're born with, this is what you make of your life.
Tom: You ought to talk with our local witch.  You'd get on like a house on fire.
Ben: (looks at Maggie meaningfully)  Yeah ... I think I'm up for a date with destiny.

Maggie laughs.  Tom does not look happy with the relationship he sees between Maggie and Ben.

* * * * * *

In the station

(Tom sees Ben sharing a private joke with Maggie, and she laughs loudly.  Tom does not look at all impressed.)

Maggie is now with PJ in the CI office.

PJ: Talking about going blind Mags, I want you so much I'm going, I'm going to go blind!
Maggie: Well, the answer is in your hands.
PJ: Beg your pardon?
Maggie: (giggles) I'm sorry, I should rephrase that.  (She smiles at him)  For me.  All you gotta do, is tell Ben that he has to find  (they kiss)  somewhere else to live.  (kiss)  Simple as that.
PJ: I've tried!  I've tried, but the only way he's going to move out, right, if I tell him the real reason what's going on with us.
Maggie: Well, you know maybe it's not such a bad idea.  I mean I am, quite frankly getting sick of all this hole-in-the-corner stuff, you know?
PJ:  Mags, please.  Now, you know how, the Boss feels about office relationships.
Maggie:  Yeah, I know, I know...
PJ:  Now you know that.  Now, he's going to transfer us, we'll be gone, we'll split up, off to Woop Woop.
Maggie:  Well, no, maybe not, maybe not.  No, you ... give me a chance...
PJ:  What?  (kiss)  What?
Maggie:  And when I get the right (kiss) feeling I'll sand him out and see what he thinks.

Shot cuts to Maggie coming out of the CI office.

Tom: Ah, Senior Constable Doyle, I'd like a word, please.  (He walks off, and Maggie gets a "What did I do?" look on her face.)
Maggie: (to PJ)  Wish me luck.

Shot cuts to Maggie stepping into Tom's office.

Tom: Close the door.  (Maggie closes it)
Maggie: Boss there's actually something that I wanted to talk to you —
Tom: Yeah I thought you might, ahh, but before you say anything that you might regret later, let me just say that,  (he takes a deep breath)  I'll just, let me make this very clear.  Personal relationships between colleagues, friend relations, are fine, but — in my experience, office romances ... er, can, can have a disastrous effect on discipline and efficiency, and...

Maggie catches on and has a "This is it" expression on her face.

Tom: Look, look, the bloke can charm the birds out of the trees, but ... well I mean, you must know, uh, about his track record with relationships.
Maggie: Oh I think that's a bit unfair, he's trying, I mean he —
Tom: Doyle, I just don't want you to get hurt.  I, I'm not even sure if he and his wife are divorced yet.
Maggie: (looks at Tom strangely)  Exactly who are we talking about?
Tom: Stewart, of course.
Maggie: (*very* surprised)  Ohh.
Tom: Look, I'm not blind, you know.
Maggie: Right, um ... Boss, you are right, and I will um, I'll try to keep it strictly business.  With Ben.  Thank you.

Maggie opens the door, goes out, closes the door and leans against it.

Maggie: Ohhh.

'Wishful Thinking' (# 217)

At the watch-house

Ben's daughter Emma desperately wants to see her Dad remarried, and she has invited Maggie to the watch-house (without telling Ben) for her birthday.  Maggie arrives with a present for Emma — a pair of ballerina shoes.  Emma is delighted.

Emma: You're perfect!  I mean — they're perfect.
Maggie: Oh, I'm glad you like them.
Ben: Maggie, can you give me a hand in the kitchen for a sec?
Maggie: Yeah.
Emma: Maggie.
Maggie: Yeah?  (Emma throws a handful of fairy dust at her.)  Oh!  Thanks.  (She smiles and follows Ben to the kitchen.)
Ben: Don't look now, but er, we're being set up.
Maggie: Ahh.
Ben: Emma's doing a bit of match-making.  She thinks I'm lonely.
Maggie: Well you know that's um, that's sweet.   Yeah.

A beaming Emma gazes at Ben and Maggie chatting together in the kitchen.  As she watches them, she has a vision of Ben and Maggie holding each other, dressed as a prince and his princess...

Ben: Will you marry me, fairy princess?
Maggie: Oh yes, a thousand times yes!  You'll never be lonely again.

They kiss, and the prince swings his princess downwards...

* * * * * *

Outside the station

Maggie and Ben are talking about a local man who turned out to be a bigamist, and didn't tell either of his wives about it.

Maggie: He says that er, he loves and he cares for both of them, and he's very sorry, that he hurt them both and I believe him.
Ben: But don't you think that if he really cared about them, why would he lie to them?
Maggie: Oh because he can't make a choice.
Ben: Listen to you, Miss Pro-bigamy!
Maggie: No, no I'm not!  I, I just think that it's possible to love two people the same.
Ben: Well maybe for some ... I don't know, have you ever, *really* been in love?
Maggie: (glances towards the station and smiles)  Ahh ... yeah, I think I have.
Ben: 'Cause I think that, when you find the one person you're really meant to be with, that's it.  Nobody else matters.
Maggie: Well, well what about your kids Ben, I mean, you've got three of them and you love them the same.
Ben: Oh absolutely, that's different though, they're family.  The one person with whom you can share a deep, intimate respect, who you want to be best friends with for the rest of your life, who ... you can be intimate with both emotionally and physically, (he grins)  it really does it for you...  (Maggie laughs)  That's when you've found true love.
Maggie: Is that how you feel about Rachel?  (Ben looks down.)  Oh I'm sorry.
Ben: No, it's okay.  Ahh ... yeah, I think we've, probably glimpsed it, once.
Maggie: So this — thing called true love, it can fade.
Ben: (smiles)  That's one of life's great mysteries isn't it.

* * * * * *

At the watch-house

Emma is sitting dejectedly on the sofa, upset that her plans to match-make Maggie and Ben have failed.  Maggie walks in, and sees Emma.

Maggie: Hey, I'm really sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted it to.
Emma: This is a dud bunch of fairy dust.  (She throws the bag of fairy dust onto the ground)
Maggie: Oh ... no it's not.  (She picks up the bag.)  This fairy dust ... is very, very precious.  'Cos you gotta keep wishing with it.  Because your Dad's going to meet a very nice woman one day.
Emma: I wanted you.
Maggie: But I'm not the right one.
Emma: Yes you are.
Maggie: No I'm not.  But she's out there somewhere, and when your Dad meets her, you'll know.  Hmm?  (She puts the bag back into Emma's hands.)  How about a hug?
Emma: Okay.  (They hug.)

'Married to the Mob' (# 222)

At the Imperial

 (In an upstairs room)

Ben's ex-wife, Rachel, is asking Ben whether there's a possibility of them getting back together.  Ben hesitates.

Rachel: Do you have someone else?
Ben: Me?  No.  No, there's nobody.
Rachel: I thought maybe Maggie.
Ben: (shakes his head)  No...
Rachel: Why not, you like her.
Ben: Let's just leave it there, shall we.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

(PJ has refused to help Maggie to find the information she wanted in order to clear her father's name, because he knows how much danger she could be in if she dug too deep.  Maggie, angered by PJ's refusal, turns to Ben for help.)

PJ sees Ben talking to Maggie about the contacts he can give her.  He asks Ben if he can have "a word" with him.

PJ: So.  What was that all about?
Ben: All what?
PJ: Oh, you and Maggie in a huddle.
Ben: Excuse me?  There's nothing you need to know.
PJ: No, well was she asking for your help to get Pat off the hook?
Ben: Look, Pat's in a lot of strife.  Why wouldn't she want to help him?
PJ: Well, I can think of hundreds of reasons why she shouldn't.
Ben: Yeah, well maybe so, but Maggie's not a fool.  I'd say she's big enough to make her own choices.
PJ: Yes — but it's not easy to be rational when it's so close to home Ben, is it.
Ben: PJ, I've never seen Maggie being irrational, but then maybe you know her better than I do...
PJ: (cuts in)  I — would just prefer if she wouldn't take the chances, that's all.
Ben: PJ, is it really any of your business?
PJ: I care what happens to her.
Ben: Meaning what, you've got a monopoly on concern?  I mean look, we're all colleagues, right?  (He looks at PJ carefully)  Now, if it's something more than that...
PJ: Ben, all I am suggesting here is that if she comes asking for your help ... you don't buy into it.
Ben: Why?  Why, do you believe that Pat's guilty?
PJ: I didn't say that.  I just care what happens to her.

* * * * * *

In the patrol car

(Ben is now uncertain whether he should give Maggie the contacts.)

Ben: Hey listen, I've been thinking about ... you, you know, talking to Barnesy, and I don't know, I, I'm just having second thoughts.
Maggie: PJ's been into you, hasn't he.  Worded you up.  That's why he got you into his office.  I knew it.
Ben: No, no no.  Well, okay, he, he might have mentioned his concern...
Maggie: He is unbelievable.
Ben: Listen Maggie, I don't want to get in the middle of anything between you and PJ.
Maggie: Well what would you be getting in the middle of?
Ben: Well just, if there's something personal.
Maggie: (looks at him)  Personal?
Ben: Uh, forget it.  Forget I said anything.
Maggie: No, I don't want to forget it Ben.  What did he tell you?
Ben: It's nothing that he said ... I'm, I'm just — sensing that, that you two are close.
Maggie: So?  You and I are close, aren't we?
Ben: Yeah, well ... I hope so.
Maggie: The difference is Ben, is that you don't try to tell me what to do and how to do it.
Ben: Maggie, I just think he's got a point.  I mean you could be getting yourself into danger, and I don't want to be responsible for that.
Maggie: So you agree with him.  You know Ben, that's exactly what I've been talking about.
Ben: No —
Maggie: The fact that you two get together and talk about my life without me being there.
Ben: Maggie, you don't understand...

* * * * * *

In the interiew room

Ben is trying to tell Vanessa (a local woman who is obsessed with him) that he is not interested in a relationship with her.  She gets mad.

Vanessa: You've got someone else, haven't you?
Ben: You need help, Mrs Mackay, we can offer that if you're willing —
Vanessa: That blonde policewoman!
Ben: Vanessa, you're not listening to me.

'The Price of Silence' (# 241)

In Tom's office

Maggie thinks that Mark Powers, the politician who had "touched her inappropriately" earlier, might be the one who assaulted Kerry.  Maggie is telling the Boss about this theory when Ben walks in.

Ben: Kerry Barrons's here.  (Maggie moves to go out)
Tom: Doyle, be extremely careful about trying to influence her.  You know as well as I do, you can't mention his name unless she brings it up.
Ben: What's going on?  You think you know who it is?
Tom: (to Maggie)  You might as well tell him.  It is relevant to the case.
Maggie: (to Ben)  I think that Mark Powers might be the man responsible.
Ben: Powers?  Why?
Maggie: He's made sexual overtures to me on two separate occasions.  (Ben is stunned.)
Tom: It would make sense, if he's the one she's protecting.
Ben: Well let's get him in here, and we'll grill the bastard!
Maggie: We can't if we don't have a case.
Ben: Well we can't let him get a way with it!
Tom: Unless Miss Barron identifies him as her attacker, we have no choice.

* * * * * *

In the station

Maggie tell Jo she thinks that Powers assaulted Kerry, and that Kerry's too afraid of him to dob him in.

Jo: I told you Maggie, you should just charge Powers with indecent assault.  That'd sort him out.

PJ looks up.

PJ: Assault?  (He looks at Maggie and Jo)  What assault?
Jo: (realises)  Oh Maggie I'm sorry, I thought everybody knew.
PJ: No hang on, what what, what assault?
Ben: Mate ... Powers — he assaulted Maggie.

Shot cuts to PJ and Maggie in the CI office.

PJ: You told Ben.
Maggie: No, the Boss told Ben because it was relevant to the case.
PJ: So why on earth would you not tell me first?
Maggie: Because you didn't come over last night, and because I knew how you'd react.
PJ: What so, so this bloke cops a free feel and I'm supposed to feel relaxed about it, am I?
Maggie: PJ, look I'm handling it, he didn't hurt me, I was, I was just startled.
PJ: Yeah well so am I, I'm also bloody angry, Maggie!
* * * * * *

In the station

PJ and Ben have just interviewed Mark Powers.

Ben: We should've gone in harder.
PJ: Look, if he's responsible for attacking Kerry Barron, we'll get him.
Ben: He was going to let something slip.  I just reckon we should've pushed him.
PJ: And he would have walked out.  Listen Ben, slowly, slowly, catch your monkey.
Ben: I'm just thinking about Maggie.

PJ glances over at Maggie.  He knows she doesn't like him to be protective.

PJ: Yeah well ... it's a separate case isn't it.  Don't worry, Maggie will look after herself.
* * * * * *

In the watch-house

It's Ben's birthday, and Jack, Jo, Ben and Maggie have been celebrating.  Jack and Jo decide they'd better go, and so only Maggie and Ben are left.

Ben: Don't you go anywhere.
Maggie: Well, if PJ was here, he would have stayed all night.  (She makes to leave)
Ben: No no no, come on, he'll be back after he finishes checking out that burg, I betcha.  (He pours another drink)
Maggie: Ohh ... noo...
Ben: Come on, come on, one more drink Maggie, one more.  (He gives her the glass)
Maggie: I've had too much to drink and you've had too much to drink.
Ben: Yeah, well, we'll be fine.
Maggie: Alright, one sip.  (They raise their glasses)  To you.
Ben: To me.  To you.

Maggie takes a sip, puts down her glass and takes up her jacket.  Ben quickly puts his glass down.

Ben: Hey what, hey what about a game of cards?
Maggie: Oh, I can't...  (She goes to the door)
Ben: Yeah, two-handed 500.  I'm fantastic at it.
Maggie: It's two o'clock!
Ben: Come on.  Just...  (He takes out the cards.  Maggie opens the door, and pats Ben on the arm.)
Maggie: Ben.  Happy birthday.  (She smiles and kisses him on the cheek)
Ben: (softly)  It's my birthday...  (He touches his lips)  Hmm?

Maggie looks at him, then leans up and kisses him softly on the lips.  He bends down and kisses her again, and the kiss deepens.  After a few moments, they break apart.  Ben looks at her.

Ben: Maggie...
Maggie: (almost inaudibly)  I have to go.

She doesn't meet his eye, and walks out.

'Without Judgement' (# 242)

In the locker room

Maggie's getting her jacket out of her locker.  Ben comes in.

Ben: Hi.
Maggie: Not now, please Ben.
Ben: Not now what?  Not now ... say hello?  Or not now ... talk about what happened last night, because we are going to have to you know.
Maggie: Okay.  (She shuts the locker)  Alright, hello, goodbye, I gotta go, Jack's waiting for me.
Ben: Please don't do this to me.
Maggie: Don't do what?
Ben: Don't dismiss me like nothing happened.  (Maggie looks at him and doesn't say a word.)  I barely slept last night thinking about it.
Maggie: It — it was just a kiss, it was a birthday kiss.
Ben: What, you're, you're saying that, that it meant nothing.
Maggie: It meant that I care about you, and ... in the heat of the moment I, I felt vulnerable, and...
Ben: I can still taste your lips Maggie.

Maggie looks at Ben and shakes her head.

Maggie: Ben, it won't go anywhere.  It can't, you know that.  It was a birthday thing and your birthday was yesterday.

Maggie looks down and walks out.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ and Ben are talking about how Pat Doyle is getting remarried.

PJ: Pat's got too much time on his hands, I'd say.
Ben: Why's that?  'Cause he wants to get married again?  Maybe, my friend, he's just tired of being alone and telling himself that it's okay.
PJ: Marriage?  It's a life sentence!  I mean, you get life for murder these days.
Ben: Have you told Maggie that you feel like this?
PJ: (surprised at the question)  No.
Ben: 'Cause if you haven't, I think you probably should.

PJ looks up at Ben.  They're interrupted by a knock on the door, and Jack comes in.

Jack: PJ.  I've got a warrant for the car.  Should I give Maggie a call?
PJ: (gets up)  No, I'll come with you.  Ben's hangover has just kicked in.
* * * * * *

Outside the station

Maggie's feelings are in a turmoil after what happened with Ben, and also after finding out that her father had been with Evie when her mother was still alive.  PJ reminds her that Pat broke it off when her mother became sick.

PJ:  He loved her enough to stay with her all through the illness.  He was there for her Maggie, I mean doesn't that count?
Maggie: But then — but how, how much love is enough? I mean, do you have a limit?
PJ: (stares at her)  What, this is about us all of a sudden, is it?  You, you think that if we got married, I'd want to be with another woman?
Maggie: No, I — it's not that.
PJ: Because Mag — Maggie, I, I don't want to be with anyone else but you.  If your father needed to have an affair, then...
Maggie: PJ, you don't understand what I'm talking about because you don't have a father.

Maggie regrets her words as soon as she's spoken.  PJ looks at her.

PJ: No I don't.  (He walks off.)
* * * * * *

In the station

Maggie's working at her desk, and raises her eyes as Ben comes over.

Ben: Is that the report on the burg?
Maggie: Uh, yeah, it's not a lot to go on.
Ben: Listen, how, how is this going to work?
Maggie: (looks at him)  What?
Ben: Maggie, you tense up everytime I come near you.

Maggie looks away.

Maggie: I'm just not having the easiest of times at the moment.
Ben: Okay.  Well I'm not going to make it any harder for you.  You've said your piece, and I respect your wishes, so ... I'll just have to go with that.
Maggie: Thank you.
Ben: Even if, I do think that you're crazy.  But, you don't have to keep avoiding me.

Maggie nods.

'Starry Starry Night' (# 244)

At a nightclub

Maggie and PJ are sitting at a table with Ben and his date, June.

Maggie: (slaps PJ's leg)  Alright detective, back on the dance floor, c'mon.
PJ: No I'm alright Mags, I'm, I'm going to sit here.
Ben: Well mate, get out of the way!  You can have a break, I'll give her a go!  Come on!  (He holds his hand out to Maggie)
Maggie: (taking his hand)  Well, nothing too flashy, alright?
Ben: (pulls her up)  Alright!

Ben whisks Maggie off to the dance floor.  PJ is left with June, and each looks awkward in the other's company.  Shot cuts to Ben and Maggie, dancing.

Ben: So er, how, how are things with er, you and PJ?
Maggie: Oh, you know, we have our moments.  Why?
Ben: Oh, just curious.  Things just seemed to be tense, so I was just, concerned about you.
Maggie: Oh well thanks for thinking of me, but I'm fine.  Beautiful.
Ben: Oh yes, I'd, I'd agree with that.
Maggie: Now that is flattering!  I'll remember that!

Ben looks over at PJ and June.

Ben: Do you think we should...
Maggie: Just dance.
* * * * * *

At the nightclub

Ben and Maggie are still dancing together.  June's sitting at the table, looking very bored.  PJ calls out to Ben and Maggie.

PJ: Nachos?
Maggie: Oh, I wouldn't mind some nachos.  I rushed through dinner.  (She comes over, and Ben follows her.)
Ben: Yeah, maybe we should have a rest anyway.
PJ: Yeah, actually, you *should* give it a rest Ben.
Ben: Oh come on PJ.
PJ: Be a gentleman, hey?  Look after *your* date.
Ben: (annoyed)  She's fine, mate.  (He walks over to the table.)  Okay, who'd like a drink?  My shout.
Maggie: Yeah, Ben, I'd love a juice.
Ben: June?
June: No, thanks.  I don't need another drink.  I had several drinks while you were dancing with your friend here.

Maggie looks up.

Maggie: Look, June...
June: No, it's okay.  Why should I worry?  I don't even know the guy.  But I do object to being dumped by Mr Plod, just so he can make a move on you.  (She gets up and looks at Ben.)  Classy dancing, mate.  But no class in the other departments.  (She walks off)
Ben: Well.  I er ... I'd better go.  Thanks, Maggie.
* * * * * *

In the car

PJ and Maggie are sitting in the car.  They've pulled off the side of the road.

PJ: What are you trying to do, you trying to teach me a lesson?
Maggie: You took me to dancing, I was having a dance.
PJ: To make me jealous.
Maggie: Oh for God's sake, why does everything always have to be about you?
PJ: Because Maggie, it wasn't just *a* dance.  It was a lot of dances, and I was sitting with a woman that I hardly know, trying to make conversation.
Maggie: Well at least you were trying with her.
PJ: So what's that supposed to mean?
Maggie: It means that you stopped trying with me.  (She looks at PJ.)  You know, there are routines and there are ruts.  And then there's taking things for granted and that's when people do stupid things.
PJ: Oh yeah, well like what stupid things?
Maggie: Like trying to make each other jealous.
PJ: Well it worked.
Maggie: Like thinking that you could find someone else attractive because, they actually seem interested in you and they actually want to talk to you and they want to listen and...  (she turns away)
PJ: And?  (Maggie is silent.)  And?

Maggie doesn't look at him.

Maggie: I kissed Ben.
PJ: (stares at her)  You what?

Maggie looks at PJ for a moment, then looks away.

Maggie: It was a while ago, it was um, after his birthday, and ... it ... it, just came out of nowhere and surprised us both.  (PJ puts his hand to his face.)  Nothing else happened, but I needed to tell you that...

PJ gets out of the car, slams the door and walks off.  Maggie slams the steering wheel in frustration.

* * * * * *

At the Imperial

Ben's helping Chris to clear some of the tables.  She wants to know what's bothering him.

Ben: Let's just say that ahh ... I've got feelings for someone.
Chris: Anyone I'd know?
Ben: Nah.
Chris: So what's the problem?
Ben: Well, until recently, I don't think she even knew that I was interested, but — now ... I'm beginning to think that it, it might just be mutual.
Chris: I don't hear a problem so far.
Ben: She's with someone else.
Chris: So has anything actually happened with this woman?
Ben: Just a kiss ... that's all.
Chris: (thinks it over)  Okay.  You gotta go and find out where you stand.  It's messy, someone else is involved, and it might just be better to forget all about it.
Ben: But what if she loves me?  And not him?  I mean, if I don't tell her how I really feel, then ... I might never know.

* * * * * *

At the Imperial

PJ has met up with Ben at the Imperial (by accident), and they're now having a "talk".

Ben: No, it wasn't like that, PJ.
PJ: So what was it like then, Ben?
Ben: I'd had a few drinks ... we'd both had ... Maggie gave me a kiss goodbye.  Look, it just happened.
PJ: Ben, a kiss does not just happen.
Ben: PJ, seriously, I think you should be talking to Maggie about this, not me.
PJ: So what are you saying, are you saying that you, that you had nothing to do with this, is that what you're saying?
Ben: No, all I'm saying is ... that it was over before it began.  Look, you and Maggie, you've got a special relationship.  It's you that she wants, just don't blow it.
PJ: (stares at Ben)  No, what's, what's going on Ben?  First you hit on my girlfriend, then all of a sudden you give me relationship advice?
Ben: No, look, my concern is what's best for Maggie.
PJ: Mate, she is my girlfriend, and I love her.  And I advise you to butt out.
Ben: Then you better work a little harder PJ.  You look after her, because if you don't ... then I will.

* * * * * *

In the station

(Earlier, Chris and Ben had been talking to a philosphical man at the Imperial who believed that "Where there's love, there's hope", and that basically, life wasn't worth living without love.  A few hours after that conversation in the pub, the man committed suicide.)

Ben is talking to Chris in the main station.  Tom's in his office, while PJ and Maggie have made up and are together in the CI office.

Ben: Chris, you know our friend philospher ... he *was* wrong.
Chris: Yeah I know.  (pause)  Keep an eye on Tom, will you?
Ben: Yeah, sure.  You too are, you're pretty good mates aren't you?
Chris: (smiles)  Yeah we are.  
Ben: (glances towards the CI office)  Sometimes, I guess that's enough.

'Paradise Lost' (# 245)

In the station

Ben and PJ have just finished interviewing Rod, one of the owners of 'Paradise'.  Rod claims that he was not the one who slipped the 'magic mushrooms' into Maggie's food.

PJ: Hey Benjamin.
Ben: Yes mate.
PJ: Why'd you step in like that?
Ben: 'Cause I saw that he was getting up your nose, and you were going to go him.
PJ: Well, he admitted using the drug in the past, didn't he.
Ben: Do you want to charge him with that?
PJ: It's illegal.
Ben: Yeah, but we didn't get him in here to charge him with past offences.  Besides, it'd never stand up.
PJ: Well, it might give him something to think about.  Anyway, he's the bloke that got Maggie stoned.
Ben: We don't know that, PJ.  And he wasn't going to tell us about it.
PJ: Well he might have if you hadn't had stopped the interview.
Ben: So what are you saying, PJ?
PJ: Stay out of my territory.

Ben looks at him, then glances up to see Tom, who has come out of his office and is looking at the two of them, with his hands on his hips.

'Under Fire' (# 250)

In the CI car

Maggie: I don't know Ben, I think it'd be really hard to walk away from someone who'd been so much a part of your life.
Ben: Even if they're interested in someone else?
Maggie: Yeah, but they share a history there.  I mean, Jack might think he's over Molly, but I don't know...

'Fifty-Fifty' (# 251)

In the locker room

Maggie is in the locker room, and Ben walks in.  (Note this is the ep after 'Under Fire'.)

Ben: Bet you're glad that's over.  Now you can leave it behind.
Maggie: Unfortunately, it isn't that simple.
Ben: Well it has to be.  I mean, you did your job.  I was sitting right next to you and there was nothing you could do to avoid that accident.
Maggie: All those people ... dead.
Ben: We saved more people than we lost.
Maggie: Yeah, but...
Ben: It's alright ... here.

Ben pulls Maggie into a hug.  PJ suddenly bursts in, probably about a case.

PJ: Mags, er — (He breaks off when he sees them in the embrace.)
Maggie: (taken by surprise)  Yeah?
PJ: (puts his hand up and backs away)  No, no, you're right.  Sorry.  (He goes back out.)

Ben and Maggie pull apart awkwardly.  Ben goes out, and Maggie puts her hand to her head.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ and Ben have just been discussing a domestic case where the husband had an affair.  Ben gets up to leave.

PJ: That's the old story hey?  (looks up at Ben)  Two's company...
Ben: (stops at the door)  Yeah...
PJ: There's no love there anymore ... it's better just to go your separate ways.
Ben: Yes, maybe.  (pauses)  Sometimes it's hard to tell when that point's been reached though.
PJ: Is it?
Ben: Oh well that was my experience.
PJ: I s'pose I like things to be clear-cut ...  (pauses and looks at Ben)  ... that I've had the decency to walk away.
Ben: Hmm ... yes if only life was that simple.

'Kids' (# 252)

At the Imperial

PJ and Tom are at the bar, looking at Ben who is having dinner with his daughter Emma.

Tom: (talking about Ben)  Divorce comes through next week.
PJ: Has he told Emma yet?
Tom: No, I think this is it.
PJ: Oh ... she's going to take that hard.
Tom: Yeah him too.  Mind you I don't think he'll stay single for long — he's not the type.  He's a family man, that's the way he's built.

PJ looks like he's thinking over what Tom's saying.

* * * * * *

At the hospital

Emma's lying in a hospital bed, and Ben and Maggie are standing over her.  (Maggie hasn't been around since near the beginning of the previous episode, when she took some leave to attend to her Dad.)

Maggie: (softly)  Well haven't you had everyone worried.  How're you feeling?

Outside, PJ turns up with his bunch of flowers and sees Ben and Maggie.  He stops at the door, watching, and doesn't let them know he's there.

Emma: You came...
Maggie: Yeah of course I came.  Wild horses couldn't keep me away.  You sleepy?  Why don't you try and get some sleep hey?
Emma: Will you still be here when I wake up?
Maggie: 'Course I will.
Ben: We'll both be here.  (He puts his arm around Maggie.)

At the door, PJ stares at them, taking all this in.  Then he stoops down and puts the flowers at the foot of the door, and gets up and walks away.  Maggie turns around, sensing that someone was there, but there's no-one at the door.  She steps out and looks down the corridor but she doesn't see PJ, because he's already turned around the corner.

'Be Prepared' (# 253)

In the CI office

PJ had just asked Ben if he could "have a word" with him.

Ben: Emma was in a coma.  She could have died — that's why Maggie came back.
PJ: Mate, I saw you together in the hospital.
Ben: Yeah, okay, more information...
PJ: Well, what I'm trying to say is, you looked great together, the three of you.
Ben: I beg your pardon.
PJ: You should be together.
Ben: But you love her.
PJ: Which is why I wouldn't stand in the way of her happiness.
Ben: Have you talked to Maggie about this?
PJ: What's there to talk about?  I know how you feel about each other.
Ben: (shakes his head)  Oh, God PJ —
PJ: Ben.  I know what I'm doing.
Ben: You sure about that?

PJ nods.

* * * * * *

In the station

Ben is looking through some property ads in the paper.  Maggie is taking an interest.

Maggie: Oh wow...
Ben: A couple of acres, room for the kids to have a horse.

PJ looks over at them.

Maggie: (pointing at the ad, with delight)  Oh, I think there's a rose garden out the front.
Ben: Yes, I think there is.
Maggie: It's a lot to look after on your own though.
Ben: Yeah well, I'll probably need a bit of help, won't I?  (He looks at her)
Maggie: (laughs slightly)  Well...  (PJ walks past and glances at her.)  I ahh ... better get these on the Boss's desk.
* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ is sitting at his desk in his office when Maggie opens the door.  He looks up and smiles as Maggie comes in and shuts the door behind her.

PJ: Hey.
Maggie: Hey.
PJ: I thought you were going out with Ben?
Maggie: Oh, Jack went with him.
PJ: Those ahh ... those property ads you were looking at before.

Maggie sits down opposite PJ.

Maggie: Not another argument PJ, please.
PJ: No, sounds pretty good actually.
Maggie: (smiles)  You hate farms.
PJ: No, not for me, for the two of you.
Maggie: The two of us?
PJ: You and Ben.
Maggie: There is no me and Ben.
PJ: Maggie.  I am never going to be able to give you ... what he can.  You said it yourself, my idea of a great night out is a Bruce Willis film and a pizza.
Maggie: What's this about?
PJ: It's about who I am. It's about how I can't change.
Maggie: But I'm not asking you to.
PJ: You have. You have in the past and you, you — you're right, you know, you do deserve more.
Maggie: Don't you think I know what I want?
PJ: Yeah I do.
Maggie: And you think it's Ben?
PJ: He is absolutely crazy about you.
Maggie: I thought you were crazy about me.
PJ: (doesn't look at her)  Yeah too crazy to make you, miserable for the rest of your life.  Look Maggie, don't you tell me that he hasn't tempted you, because you kissed him.

Maggie cringes when he mentions the kiss.

Maggie: (tears forming in her eyes)  Have you ever thought that I'd rather be miserable with you?
PJ: Maggie, there's a guy out there that makes you happy, you know?

There's a knock at the door.  It's Jo.

Jo: PJ.  Sorry, one for CI — stolen machine gun.  (She senses the tension, and quickly goes back out.)
Maggie: I'll leave you, you've got work to do.

Maggie gets out of the chair and quickly leaves.  PJ looks drawn and tired, and puts his head in his hands.

* * * * * *

At the Jansens' farm

The eldest Jansen boy, angry at the Heelers for arresting his mother, threatens them with a grenade.  He refuses to hand it to PJ and drops it to the ground.  PJ quickly picks it up and throws it into the bush below.  Everyone dives to the ground, and there's an explosion.  The dust clears, and Maggie gets up from the ground, where Ben has been shielding her.  She runs over to PJ.

Maggie: PJ?!!

PJ gets up and she smiles and puts her hand to his face, and they walk off.  Ben watches them walking away.

* * * * * *

In the interview room

Ben: Listen, it was Emma wasn't it.  That's — the reason you came back.
Maggie: Yes it was.
Ben: (accepting her answer)  Hmm.
Maggie: I'm sorry.
Ben: Nah, don't be, don't be.
Maggie: (taps the files on the table)  I'll leave you to it.  (She gets up to leave.)
Ben: Hey — just be happy.  Okay?

Maggie nods with a smile and goes out.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ is sitting at his desk.  Ben comes in holding two mugs.

Ben: There you are.  (He puts one of the mugs on the table, and PJ looks up.)  Listen, I just want to say thanks for ahh ... doing all that stuff today at the Jansens' place.  And for ahh ... saying what you said the other day about me and Maggie.  (PJ has a smile on his face.)  But ah, I think you've both learnt a lot since then — don't you reckon?

'One More Day' (# 255)

In the interview room

Maggie has told everyone that she will be leaving Mt Thomas for the Coroner's Court position in Melbourne.  Ben suspects that there's something she's not telling them.

Ben: Look ... I don't know what's going on, I don't know what's made you change your mind, but I just want you to know that I'm here for you, no matter what.  (Maggie looks up at him.)  Now you and I, we, we will never be together.  I know that, and that's that way it should be.  But I'm always going to be your friend, okay, nothing in the world can change that.  So if ever you need anything, doesn't matter where, or how long ... you just call.  Okay?
Maggie: (quietly)  Thank you.

'Aftermath' (# 256)

In the CI office

In the aftermath of Maggie's death, the Homicide detectives are questioning the Heelers.  Detective Paul Donald is talking to Ben.

Paul: So you were um ... pretty fond of her.  (He sees Ben's hesitatation.)  This isn't a formal interview Ben.
Ben: Paul, I loved her.  Stupid huh?  But when I first arrived, Maggie and PJ were keeping things quiet ... and doing a pretty good job of it, and I ... allowed myself to think that there could be a future there.
Paul: Been there, done that.  So what were you to her?
Ben: A good friend.  Just like me and PJ.

'Out of the Shadows' (# 263)

In the CI office

(PJ is planning to go with the Homicide detectives and offer himself as bait in order to catch a hitman who may have been Maggie's killer.)

Ben has a talk with PJ.

Ben: Look, I was going to try and talk you out of this, but that's not going to happen, so I've decided instead that I am going to be your partner.
PJ: No it's too dangerous.
Ben: PJ that's a job description.
PJ: What do you want to be, a martyr?  You want to take a bullet for me?
Ben: No, of course I don't.  But this guy Kerr is fast running out of time to do his job.  He's not going to make a move if you turn up with Mick and Pat and Paul Donald in tow.  It's just you and me.  It'll look like business as usual.  (He pauses.)  I'm not just doing this for you, you know.  I cared about her too.

'Dance Crazy' (# 264)

At the Imperial

(Earlier in the day, Ben put his own life in danger when he talked a local man, Peter Stamford, out of setting himself alight.)

Ben and PJ are walking past each other, and PJ stops.

PJ: See you haven't lost your touch mate.
Ben: What's that?
PJ: Stamford there.  Nice one.
Ben: (nods)  Thanks.
PJ: Just don't make a habit of it, hey?  You're a survivor like me.  I'd like you to stick around for a bit.

PJ walks off, and Ben smiles.

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