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BH Moments - Season 6

Dash in her final weeks in Mt Thomas ... Ben and Robyn working together ... Jack kisses Molly goodbye in the 250th ep, 'Under Fire' ... PJ and Maggie become engaged in the season 6 finale, 'Be Prepared'

# Shortcut Links #

'Dancing With the Devil (Part 2)' (# 213)

At Dash & Maggie's house

PJ and Ben are at Maggie and Dash's house, which was broken into a few nights earlier.

Ben: (to Maggie)  Someone's going to have to stick around here and make sure you're okay.
PJ: Look, well —
Maggie: Ahh, there is Dash.
PJ: Ah, I've got that covered, er Ben.
Ben: I was thinking I might stick around and er, cook you some dinner, Maggie, since you can't get out anywhere.
PJ: Nahh, I'm a way ahead of ya!
Ben: Hey?
PJ: Yeah!
Ben: What, you about to open a tin of something, were you?  (Maggie laughs)
PJ: Hey, hey, I'm renowned for my lasagne.
Ben: Oh, the famous Lebanese lasagne, I've heard all about that.  Right.
PJ: Yeah!

Dash comes in.

Dash: Hello everybody!
Maggie: Dash!  Yeah, just in time.  PJ's going to cook us dinner.
Dash: Oh!  ...Lovely.

Camera shot cuts to Maggie, Ben and Dash sitting at the table.

PJ: Hope you're hungry!  (He brings the lasagne over to the table)
Dash: Hey!
Ben: Hel-lo!
Dash & Maggie: It's PJ's cooking!  (They clink their glasses together)
Ben: Gotta admit, that doesn't look too bad, mate.
Dash: Well done!  It look great!
PJ: Thank you.
Maggie: Alright, Ben.  (She cuts a piece for him)
Ben: Thank you.  I'm looking forward to this.
PJ: Guys, have as much as you like.  There's plenty there.
Maggie: (cuts another piece)  PJ?
PJ: Ah no I'm right, I'll serve mine.
Maggie: Oh okay.
PJ: You go ahead.
Maggie: Here you go.  (She gives a piece to Dash)
Ben: (about to take a bite)  Mmmm.  (He has a mouthful of the lasagne, and his expression completely changes.)  Did you um, use a bit of salt in this did you mate?
PJ: Oh, yeah, it's Lebanese style.
Dash: (tasting it slowly)  I'll go get some water.
PJ: No, it's alright, I'll get it, stay there.  (Maggie's eating the lasagne with the same expression as Dash and Ben.)
Ben: Ahh, bring a bit of salt while you're up there mate, if there's any left.
PJ: (laughs)  Ohh, Ben.  (He goes off)
Maggie: (in a whisper, to Ben)  It's awful.
* * * * * *

At Dash & Maggie's house

 (a few nights later)

PJ and Maggie are sitting on the couch.  Dash has gone to a concert.

Maggie: Hey I'm hungry.  (They kiss)
PJ: Yeah me too.
Maggie: No I mean I'm really hungry, I want to eat something.
PJ: Well I got some lasagne, could heat that up.
Maggie: (pauses)  I was thinking that maybe umm, maybe we should go out more.
PJ: (smiles)  You don't like my lasagne do you?
Maggie: (smiles at him)  'Course I do.  (They kiss.)

'Love is the Drug' (# 215)

In the station

Maggie has just found out about the missing video camera, which may have recorded her and PJ together the night before.  She's just come back to the station with the owner of the camera.  PJ walks out of Tom's office, laughing.

Maggie: (urgently)  Detective Hasham.  Um, Mr Greenwood's here.  Alan Greenwood, um...
PJ: (not really listening)  Mr Greenwood.
Maggie: Yeah, he's here about some lost property.  (PJ still isn't really listening.)  It seems that he, lost a camera at Guvert's Leap last night.  (PJ looks up and his expression changes.)  Um, it's a video camera, he was recording what he saw there.  It, it also had a starlight attachment, um, it's, it's a lens, it means that you can see everything in the dark.  (Both PJ and Maggie's faces speaks volumes.)
PJ: Good.  Mr Greenwood.

PJ and Maggie turn to Mr Greenwood with big "How may we help you?" smiles on their faces.

'An Eye For An Eye' (# 216)

In Tom's office

Jack has experienced his first fatal, and Tom wants him to undergo counselling.

Tom: Now about organising this counselling for you.
Jack: Oh, I'd sooner not have it.  I've thought about it, but no.  It's not for me.
Tom: Why not?
Jack: Oh, I don't know ... my great-grandfather went through Gallipoli, and he never had any counselling.
Tom: That's because they didn't have any!
Jack: Oh, I'd feel like a big girl, Boss.
Tom: Next time I want to punish you, I'll tell Doyle and McKinley you said that.
Jack: They're not big girls, they're terrifying women!

'Wishful Thinking' (# 217)

At the watch-house

Ben's daughter Emma desperately wants to see her Dad remarried, and she has invited Maggie to the watch-house (without telling Ben) for her birthday.  Maggie arrives with a present for Emma — a pair of ballerina shoes.  Emma is delighted.

Emma: You're perfect!  I mean — they're perfect.
Maggie:   Oh, I'm glad you like them.
Ben: Maggie, can you give me a hand in the kitchen for a sec?
Maggie: Yeah.
Emma: Maggie.
Maggie: Yeah?  (Emma throws a handful of fairy dust at her.)  Oh!  Thanks.  (She smiles and follows Ben to the kitchen.)
Ben: Don't look now, but er, we're being set up.
Maggie: Ahh.
Ben: Emma's doing a bit of match-making.  She thinks I'm lonely.
Maggie: Well you know that's um, that's sweet.   Yeah.

A beaming Emma gazes at Ben and Maggie chatting together in the kitchen.  As she watches them, she has a vision of Ben and Maggie holding each other, dressed as a prince and his princess...

Ben: Will you marry me, fairy princess?
Maggie: Oh yes, a thousand times yes!  You'll never be lonely again.

They kiss, and the prince swings his princess downwards...

'Married to the Mob' (# 222)

In the CI office

(PJ has refused to help Maggie to find the information she wanted in order to clear her father's name, because he knows how much danger she could be in if she dug too deep.  Maggie, angered by PJ's refusal, turns to Ben for help.)

PJ sees Ben talking to Maggie about the contacts he can give her.  He asks Ben if he can have "a word" with him.

PJ: So.  What was that all about?
Ben: All what?
PJ: Oh, you and Maggie in a huddle.
Ben: Excuse me?  There's nothing you need to know.
PJ: No, well was she asking for your help to get Pat off the hook?
Ben: Look, Pat's in a lot of strife.  Why wouldn't she want to help him?
PJ: Well, I can think of hundreds of reasons why she shouldn't.
Ben: Yeah, well maybe so, but Maggie's not a fool.  I'd say she's big enough to make her own choices.
PJ: Yes — but it's not easy to be rational when it's so close to home Ben, is it.
Ben: PJ, I've never seen Maggie being irrational, but then maybe you know her better than I do...
PJ: (cuts in)  I — would just prefer if she wouldn't take the chances, that's all.
Ben: PJ, is it really any of your business?
PJ: I care what happens to her.
Ben: Meaning what, you've got a monopoly on concern?  I mean look, we're all colleagues, right?  (He looks at PJ carefully)  Now, if it's something more than that...
PJ: Ben, all I am suggesting here is that if she comes asking for your help ... you don't buy into it.
Ben: Why?  Why, do you believe that Pat's guilty?
PJ: I didn't say that.  I just care what happens to her.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ has been trying to block Maggie's access to the contacts and information that she desperately wants. Maggie is absolutely furious at him.

Maggie: I know exactly what you're doing and I'm not standing for it anymore.
PJ: He said he was going to call back.
Maggie: How dare you discuss us with Ben, PJ.
PJ: Us?  I, I — I didn't.
Maggie: (furiously)  You did!  And you took the liberty of discussing my father's business with him as well!
PJ: Look, I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.
Maggie: Well I don't need to be kept safe!
PJ: Listen, I know you don't understand what I'm doing.  But you have to trust me.
Maggie: How can I trust you when you keep me in the dark, time and time again.
PJ: I am just trying to protect you.
Maggie: I *don't* need protecting, I need you to be there for me and that is all!
PJ: I am.  (He stares at her.)  I *love* you.

Maggie shakes her head and looks away from PJ.

Maggie: Bastard.  (She turns back to him slowly.)  I want to know one thing and I want to hear it.  Do you think my father's guilty?

PJ stares at her, then nods slowly.

PJ: Yes.  I wish I could say something else.
Maggie: So do I.

Maggie opens the door and walks out.

'Web of Lies' (# 223)

In the CI office

PJ's sitting alone in his office, with a photo of Maggie in one hand, and a bottle in the other.  There's a knock on the door.

PJ: Yep.

The door opens, and Mick Doyle pokes his head in.

Mick: PJ?
PJ: Hello Mick, I thought dinner was tomorrow night.
Mick: Yeah.  You alone?  (PJ nods)  I got something for ya.  Make up for keeping you in the dark.

He opens the door a bit wider, and Maggie steps in.

Mick: (to Maggie)  Not too long...  

Mick leaves, and PJ gets out of his chair, staring at Maggie.

Maggie: (softly)  How are ya?
PJ: (trying to act unaffected)  Oh, you know ... pretty good.
Maggie: Dad okay?
PJ: Yeah.  (He pauses)  It's funny seeing you here.  Look er ... Mags, I, I, I never felt I got the chance to tell you ... why I refused to help.   'Cause you were getting into some sort of trouble, weren't you?  (Maggie nods.)  I was right, wasn't I?
Maggie: Yeah you were.  But um ... I'm a copper and that's what I do.  And I always said that I would never let a relationship get in the way of that.  Thought you could understand that 'cause we ... think alike...
PJ: Yep.
Maggie: ...don't we.  We decided that we'd never ... let the job be affected, by the fact that we were together.
PJ: Yep.  (He nods slowly.)  Are we ... still together?
Maggie: (with a shaky voice)  I'm not sure that I might be able to make the decision right now, I need some time to think.
PJ: Yeah well you're going to have plenty of time when you, go off, wherever you're going ... hey?
Maggie: I guess so.
PJ: Well when you make up your mind ... think you'd ... tell Mick?  So he'll ... tell me?
Maggie: (softly)  Sure.

PJ looks at her.

PJ: Oh Maggie.  Fighting Doyles, I love you.

He strides over to her with tears in his eyes, and they kiss.

Maggie: I have to go.

PJ is crying, and Maggie places her fingers on his lips for a moment, then turns to leave.

PJ: Maggie —

Maggie turns and looks at him, then quickly walks out.  PJ is left alone in his office.

'Jack of Hearts' (# 226)

In Tom's office

A local girl, who seems to have had a big crush on Jack, is missing.  Her distraught mother has found her daughter's diary and is convinced that Jack is responsible for her daughter's disappearance.  Tom is now talking to Jack and PJ about the contents of the diary.

Tom: Lawson ... what's this all about?
Jack: I can't tell you, Boss.
Tom: What does that mean?
Jack: It means I don't know what it's all about.
Tom: Read this page and tell me what you think it means.  (He hands him the diary)
Jack: (reads aloud)  Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack.  It's just a page full of Jacks.  (He hands the diary back to Tom)
PJ: Hey hey hey.  Well what about the poems?
Jack: The poems?
PJ: Yeah.
Tom: (reads aloud, dryly)  "Jack is hunky, Jack is spunky ... Jack can move and groove real funky.  Jack Lawson, oh Jack Lawson, he is braver than Douglas Mawson."
Jack: It means ... Mawson, sir?
Tom: Mawson.  Don't you read your hundred dollar bills?
Jack: Oh, no, I've never had one, Boss.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ and Constable Greg Mason are questioning a girl, Tiffany, who wagged school to go to the movies.

Greg: What film did you see?
Tiffany: Titanic.  It was the fifth time we'd seen it.  Leonardo's *so* gorgeous.  We all cry at the end.  It's so sad.
PJ: Yeah ... poor old iceberg, going for a float and a dirty big ship runs right into it.

'Perfect Match' (# 230)

In the CI office

(This is the episode where Maggie returns after being away for 6 weeks.)

PJ has just asked Maggie if he could see her "for a sec".  She follows him into his office.

Maggie: What's up?
PJ: (shuts the door)  Nothing.  Just wanted to get you in here.
Maggie: (smiles)  Ohh.  That's cute.

PJ looks at Maggie, and takes her face in his hands.  He leans down and kisses her.

Maggie: Someone's going to come in.  The Boss will come in.
PJ: (smiling)  The Boss knows.
Maggie: (stares at him)  The Boss knows.  How —

PJ kisses her.  There's a knock on the door, PJ and Maggie break apart, and Ben walks in.

PJ: Hey.  How are ya.
Ben: Sorry.
PJ: No, you're right.
Ben: You know little Zoe Zervos, I think there's something wrong with her.  (Maggie's still staring at PJ, and not really concentrating on what Ben's saying.)  I think she's got some serious problems.
Maggie: What, what, what sort of problems?
Ben: Well, health.  Why would a kid her age have to have weekly blood tests?
PJ: Well ... the kid's sick.  So what?
Maggie: That's a bit brutal, isn't it?
PJ: No no no, don't get me wrong, I mean, we're investigating an armed robbery.  I mean what's that kid — (Dash comes in)  Yep?
Dash: Ahh Ben, that Fleet security guy didn't have anything else to add.
Ben: Okay.  (Dash turns to go)  Where are you going?
Dash: Trouble at the pub.
Ben: Alright.  (looks at PJ)  I'm just a bit worried, that's all.
PJ: (wanting his time with Maggie)  No, er, good point.  Thanks.
Ben: Yeah.

Ben walks out.  PJ watches him go, then looks at Maggie, who is staring at PJ.

Maggie: (in a whisper)  He knows.  (She puts her hands to her face)  Oh, God...

'The Full Circle' (# 234)

At Dash & Maggie's house

Maggie and Dash are sitting on the sofa, chatting.  Dash will be leaving for Melbourne the next day.

Dash:  It's going to be funny not seeing you guys, everyday.  Sort of like leaving two families.
Maggie: Well you know, I might um ... come and see you when I get a break or something.  Maybe when I get — leave.
Dash:  That'd be good.

Maggie sets her cup down, and a smile creeps onto Dash's face.

Dash: You could bring PJ.
Maggie: You — (She looks surprised and laughs, and Dash grins mischievously.)
* * * * * *

In Tom's office

Dash is saying her farewells to the Heelers.  Tom has a private word with her in his office.

Tom: Look ... I hope I didn't say anything that made you change your mind about the CI job.
Dash: You mean about me not being ready for it?
Tom: It wasn't a comment on your ability.
Dash: I know.  You were right, I just didn't see it at the time.
Tom: You've been an excellent officer.  I'm very sorry to lose you.
Dash: Thank you.
Tom: I just ... wanted to wish you all the best.  (He holds out his hand, and Dash shakes it.)
Dash: Thank you.
Tom: Look after yourself.
Dash: (nods)  That's one thing I've learnt in the force.
Tom: Yeah well you er ... take care of yourself in the big wide world.
Dash: (smiles)  Yes Dad.

Tom laughs, and they hug.

Dash: I'll be fine.
Tom: Goodbye McKinley.
Dash: (grins)  Yep ... Tom.
Tom: (smiles)  Deidre.  You're a dag.

Dash smiles, then turns and walks out.

'Hello Goodbye' (# 239)

In the station

Constable Jo Parrish has just arrived in town, and has gone to make a statement to Tom and PJ about a shoplifting incident.  Jack and Ben are the only ones left in the main station.

Jack: She's um...
Ben: Yeah, she is.  She's also twenty-three — far too old for you, mate.

* * * * * *

In the station

Jo's pacing the floor outside Tom's office, trying to figure out a case.

Tom: (annoyed)  Are you planning to wear a hole in the floor, Parrish?
Jo: Sorry Boss, I was just thinking.
Tom: Well think standing still, you're driving me mad.

'The Price of Silence' (# 241)

In the station

Jo arrives at the station for the start of her shift.

Tom: As for you Parrish, check your watch.  When Mickey Mouse's club gets up beside his ear, it means you should be at work.
Jo: Sorry Boss, I had to stop off ... (holds out a box)  for your vanilla slices.

* * * * * *

In the interview room

Maggie: Now, Kerry, you told us last night that some friends came back after the reception.  Who were they please?
Kerry: Um, Mark, Steve, Helane, and another journo, Dave, I think his name was, a couple of party workers ... oh, and your Inspector.
Maggie: Falcon-Price?
Kerry: That's him.  Nice enough bloke.  A bit up himself.

Maggie allows herself a small grin.

* * * * * *

In the watch-house

It's Ben's birthday, and Jack, Jo, Ben and Maggie have been celebrating.  Jack and Jo decide they'd better go, and so only Maggie and Ben are left.

Ben: Don't you go anywhere.
Maggie: Well, if PJ was here, he would have stayed all night.  (She makes to leave)
Ben: No no no, come on, he'll be back after he finishes checking out that burg, I betcha.  (He pours another drink)
Maggie: Ohh ... noo...
Ben: Come on, come on, one more drink Maggie, one more.  (He gives her the glass)
Maggie: I've had too much to drink and you've had too much to drink.
Ben: Yeah, well, we'll be fine.
Maggie: Alright, one sip.  (They raise their glasses)  To you.
Ben: To me.  To you.

Maggie takes a sip, puts down her glass and takes up her jacket.  Ben quickly puts his glass down.

Ben: Hey what, hey what about a game of cards?
Maggie: Oh, I can't...  (She goes to the door)
Ben: Yeah, two-handed 500.  I'm fantastic at it.
Maggie: It's two o'clock!
Ben: Come on.  Just...  (He takes out the cards.  Maggie opens the door, and pats Ben on the arm.)
Maggie: Ben.  Happy birthday.  (She smiles and kisses him on the cheek)
Ben: (softly)  It's my birthday...  (He touches his lips)  Hmm?

Maggie looks at him, then leans up and kisses him softly on the lips.  He bends down and kisses her again, and the kiss deepens.  After a few moments, they break apart.  Ben looks at her.

Ben: Maggie...
Maggie: (almost inaudibly)  I have to go.

She doesn't meet his eye, and walks out.

'Without Judgement' (# 242)

In the CI office

PJ and Ben are talking about how Pat Doyle is getting re-married.  (This is the episode after Ben and Maggie's kiss.)

PJ: Pat's got too much time on his hands, I'd say.
Ben: Why's that?  'Cause he wants to get married again?  Maybe, my friend, he's just tired of being alone and telling himself that it's okay.
PJ: Marriage?  It's a life sentence!  I mean, you get life for murder these days.
Ben: Have you told Maggie that you feel like this?
PJ: (surprised at the question)  No.
Ben: 'Cause if you haven't, I think you probably should.

PJ looks up at Ben.  They're interrupted by a knock on the door, and Jack comes in.

Jack: PJ.  I've got a warrant for the car.  Should I give Maggie a call?
PJ: (gets up)  No, I'll come with you.  Ben's hangover has just kicked in.
* * * * * *

Outside the station

Maggie's feelings are in a turmoil after what happened with Ben, and also after finding out that Pat had been with Evie while her Mother was still alive.  

PJ:  He loved her enough to stay with her all through the illness.  He was there for her Maggie, I mean doesn't that count?
Maggie: But then — but how, how much love is enough? I mean, do you have a limit?
PJ: (stares at her)  What, this is about us all of a sudden, is it?  You, you think that if we got married, I'd want to be with another woman?
Maggie: No, I — it's not that.
PJ: Because Mag — Maggie, I, I don't want to be with anyone else but you.  If your father needed to have an affair, then...
Maggie: PJ, you don't understand what I'm talking about because you don't have a father.

Maggie regrets her words as soon as she's spoken.  PJ looks at her.

PJ: No I don't.  (He walks off.)

'Starry Starry Night' (# 244)

At a disco

PJ and Maggie are dancing at the disco, and PJ looks like he's struggling to keep up.  (They're both talking really loud to get over the volume of the music.)

Maggie: Hey, this is really good!  I'm having a great time!  This is not bad!
PJ: Sorry?
Maggie: I said, it's not bad!  (She notices that PJ's getting very sweaty.)  You look hot!
PJ: (grins)  Thanks!
Maggie: No, no, hot!  Do you want a drink?  (She makes a drinking motion)
PJ: What — does, does that mean I, I lose the bet?
Maggie: Yeah!  You'll be piping after an hour!  Of course you lose the bet!
PJ: Alright!  Alright!  I'm a — (the music stops)  I'm too old for this anyway!!

The other people around them turn and stare at PJ.  Maggie looks like she wishes the ground would just swallow her up right then and there!

* * * * * *

In the car

PJ and Maggie are sitting in the car.  They've pulled off the side of the road.

PJ: What are you trying to do, you trying to teach me a lesson?
Maggie: You took me to dancing, I was having a dance.
PJ: To make me jealous.
Maggie: Oh for God's sake, why does everything always have to be about you?
PJ: Because Maggie, it wasn't just *a* dance.  It was a lot of dances, and I was sitting with a woman that I hardly know, trying to make conversation.
Maggie: Well at least you were trying with her.
PJ: So what's that supposed to mean?
Maggie: It means that you stopped trying with me.  (She looks at PJ.)  You know, there are routines and there are ruts.  And then there's taking things for granted and that's when people do stupid things.
PJ: Oh yeah, well like what stupid things?
Maggie: Like trying to make each other jealous.
PJ: Well it worked.
Maggie: Like thinking that you could find someone else attractive because, they actually seem interested in you and they actually want to talk to you and they want to listen and...  (she turns away)
PJ: And?  (Maggie is silent.)  And?

Maggie doesn't look at him.

Maggie: I kissed Ben.
PJ: (stares at her)  You what?

Maggie looks at PJ for a moment, then looks away.

Maggie: It was a while ago, it was um, after his birthday, and ... it ... it, just came out of nowhere and surprised us both.  (PJ puts his hand to his face.)  Nothing else happened, but I needed to tell you that...

PJ gets out of the car, slams the door and walks off.  Maggie slams the steering wheel in frustration.

'Paradise Lost' (# 245)

At 'Paradise'

Maggie is having lunch at 'Paradise' (a commune-type place) with Rod (one of its owners) and the three other women who live at Paradise.  Unbeknown to her, one of these other women has slipped a 'magic mushroom' into her food, and it's starting to take effect.  Rod's telling Maggie how he gave up his life in the city for a new life in the country.

Rod: Have you ever thought of tossing it all in?
Maggie: What, my job?
Rod: Yeah.  Job, uniform, everything.
Maggie: No, noo, nooo ... imagine what my boyfriend would say.  (Maggie throws her head back and laughs a very weird laugh.  The other women glance at each other.)
Rod: Ben seemed pretty relaxed up here.
Maggie: (puts her hand over her mouth)  Ben.  Oh, Ben.  No, Ben, Ben, is my, he's my ... friend.  (She pulls at the neck of her jumper)  But I always knew that there was only ever, one thing (she holds up a finger) that I wanted to do.
Jen: God, one thing.  Your whole life.  That's so long.
Rod: Yeah.  How can you really know about something unless you try it?
Tara: Leave her alone Rod.
Maggie: But I always knew that, that I wanted to join the police and, do the right thing ... (she motions with her hand)  proper-copper ... (she's having difficulty getting the words out)  proper-copper...

The other women start laughing, and Maggie laughs too.  Rod looks at her with concern.

Maggie: That rhymes, doesn't it...  (She laughs strangely again, and picks up an avocado from the table.)  My dad.  He will not, eat avocado.  He will die, not knowing ... what it tastes like ... which is really sad, I think.  (The other women snigger.  Maggie stares at the avocado, then looks at Rod.)  It's an egg.  It's a vegetable egg...
Rod: (looks around the table)  Look, did anyone...?
Maggie: (picks up a spoon)  A spoon.  Why, is that called ... a spoon?
Rod: Are you okay Maggie?

Maggie closes her eyes and nods slowly with a smile.

* * * * * *

At Maggie's house

Maggie turned up at the station, looking more than just a little out of it after eating lunch at 'Paradise', and PJ's taken her home.  She's now resting her head on the kitchen bench, not looking well at all.

Maggie: I couldn't make it stop and I thought ohh noo, it's just going to go on forever and ever and ohh...  (she looks up)
PJ: Here's your tea.  (He puts his arm around her shoulder.)  Mags, how did this happen?
Maggie: I don't know it must have been in the food I was eating, I think.  (She puts her head back down)
PJ: Well you must have known you were eating mushrooms.  Hey?
Maggie: (looks up at him)  You think that I did this deliberately?
PJ: No, you have been wanting to —
Maggie: Why would I do that?  Oh...  (She drops her head back onto the bench)
PJ: Well, that Rod bloke, he's been, well he's pretty persuasive, and he's got, he's got three girlfriends.
Maggie: (looks up)  All I remember is that there was this giant avocado pear and it was going to hatch into a bird.

'Miracle at Rabbit Creek' (# 247)

In the station

A phone rings, and PJ goes to answer it.

PJ: Mt Thomas Police, Senior-Detective Hasham speaking ... Timmsy!!  (pause)  Ah, I'll just check.  (Looks over at Tom who indicates 'definitely NOT'.)  No Timmsy, he's tied up at the moment.  (pause)  Oh Timmsy, I don't believe in miracles, you don't believe in miracles, so will you do me a favour and go forth and multiply?

PJ hangs up with a grin.

Tom: They ought to put in you in charge of public relations.
* * * * * *

At the Imperial

John Waterson has been condemning Keith Purvis for trying to sell off bottles of water from his creek as 'holy water'.  Father Brian intervenes.

Waterson: Someone's gotta stop him!  People could get poisoned drinking that stuff!
Purvis: Hang on a minute, I thought it was holy water.  Isn't that right, Father?
Father Brian: Don't make jokes about things you don't understand, Mr Purvis.

* * * * * *

At PJ's house

PJ: Mum.  Why the visit?
Mrs Hasham: Do I need a reason to visit my son?  (PJ gives her a "What's-the-real-reason?" look.  She laughs.)  Don't use your detective techniques on me, Patrick.  I saw the news.  I went to see your Sergeant.
PJ: About the healing business?  Why?
Mrs H: You're the detective, Patrick.
PJ: What, are you sick?
Mrs H: (chuckling)  I sometimes think men are born two hours later than women, and they never catch up.

'Kids' (# 252)

In the station

Ben's daughter has just trashed the station and papers are scattered everywhere.  PJ's trying to sort through the mess.

Tom: One day you too will have children, and you'll have to cope with this sort of nonsense.
PJ: Yeah, well I'm planning to have a non-difficult type child.
Tom: Yeah, that's what everybody says.

* * * * * *

Around Mt Thomas

Ben steps up onto a roof to question a roof worker, Terry Munks.

Munks: G'day mate!  Watch your step, would ya?  Company insurance only covers authorized trades.
Ben: Ahh, I'm covered by the Holy Trinity — God, work cover and the Police Association.

'Be Prepared' (# 253)

In the station

The Heelers are discussing what would happen if the Y2K bug struck.

PJ: Well I'd be right if the electricity goes out, because I am on *gas*.
Jo: Well there mightn't be any *gas* either.  Nothing like this has ever happened before!  Forget *pizzas*.
Maggie: (looks towards PJ with a grin)  Well now, that'd be serious.

* * * * * *

In the CI office

PJ is sitting at his desk in his office when Maggie opens the door.  He looks up and smiles as Maggie comes in and shuts the door behind her.

PJ: Hey.
Maggie: Hey.
PJ: I thought you were going out with Ben?
Maggie: Oh, Jack went with him.
PJ: Those ahh ... those property ads you were looking at before.

Maggie sits down opposite PJ.

Maggie: Not another argument PJ, please.
PJ: No, sounds pretty good actually.
Maggie: (smiles)  You hate farms.
PJ: No, not for me, for the two of you.
Maggie: The two of us?
PJ: You and Ben.
Maggie: There is no me and Ben.
PJ: Maggie.  I am never going to be able to give you ... what he can.  You said it yourself, my idea of a great night out is a Bruce Willis film and a pizza.
Maggie: What's this about?
PJ: It's about who I am. It's about how I can't change.
Maggie: But I'm not asking you to.
PJ: You have. You have in the past and you, you — you're right, you know, you do deserve more.
Maggie: Don't you think I know what I want?
PJ: Yeah I do.
Maggie: And you think it's Ben?
PJ: He is absolutely crazy about you.
Maggie: I thought you were crazy about me.
PJ: (doesn't look at her)  Yeah too crazy to make you, miserable for the rest of your life.  Look Maggie, don't you tell me that he hasn't tempted you, because you kissed him.

Maggie cringes when he mentions the kiss.

Maggie: (tears forming in her eyes)  Have you ever thought that I'd rather be miserable with you?
PJ: Maggie, there's a guy out there that makes you happy, you know?

There's a knock at the door.  It's Jo.

Jo: PJ.  Sorry, one for CI — stolen machine gun.  (She senses the tension, and quickly goes back out.)
Maggie: I'll leave you, you've got work to do.

Maggie gets out of the chair and quickly leaves.  PJ looks drawn and tired, and puts his head in his hands.

* * * * * *

At Maggie's house

PJ arrives at Maggie's house in a suit and tie, while Maggie is waiting for him dressed in plain clothes, with plates and a pizza.

Maggie: What are you dressed up for?  I got you pizza.
PJ: We're going out.
Maggie: Oh why, I've got a Bruce Willis video for you.
PJ: (takes a deep breath)  Maggie, we can't go on like this.  And after today, I realised that there are some things you just can't put off.

Maggie doesn't look very happy — maybe she's thinking he's going to say something about her and Ben.  She sits down on the sofa, and PJ sits down next to her.

PJ: Maggie, I love you more than anything on earth.  (She doesn't say anything.)  That's why I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  (She turns her head and looks at him, with a look of growing amazement.)  I know it's taken a while,  (he takes a small box out of his jacket, and opens it to reveal a ring)  but I ahh...

Maggie looks at the ring, then back at PJ.  PJ takes the ring out of the box.

PJ: Maggie.  Marry me...?
Maggie: (fighting back the tears, and nods her head)  Yes.

They hug.  PJ takes Maggie's hand and puts the ring onto her finger.  Maggie looks up at PJ.

Maggie: It fits.  (He nods.)  It's perfect.

Both lean forward, and they share a kiss.

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