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Philosophies and Odd Thoughts

"Out here, police work is people." - Tom, 'A Woman's Place' (# 1)

"Attempted murder means you're a bad shot." - Mick Doherty, 'A Woman's Place' (# 1)

"The best thing out of Mt Thomas is the road to Melbourne." - PJ, 'A Question of Loyalties' (# 81)

"The future's going to belong to people who use their brains, instead of their fists and their feet." - Nick, 'Fair Crack of the Whip (Part 1)' (# 100)

"In a country town, a copper is always on duty." - Tom, 'The Kremin Factor' (# 107)

"Human behaviour is pretty bizarre." - Roman Kellerman, 'Bewitched' (# 115)

"There's nothing quite like local knowledge." - Tom and Nick, 'Buck Naked' (# 124)

"Even good coppers make mistakes." - Tom, 'Half a Second' (# 126)

"Relationships and police work, they just don't mix." - Maggie, 'Gold' (# 140)

"Powerful people make the rules, boy, and sometimes they get it wrong.  And we have a moral obligation to tell them so." - Harry Carmichael, 'Random Breath' (# 145)

"Never trust a policeman." - David Craig, 'Drag Line' (# 157)

"People have big mouths in country towns.  The smaller the town, the bigger the talk." - Rosie Burgess, 'Containing the Rage' (# 168)

"A barbecue is for the burning consumption of meat!" - Nick and PJ, 'A Piece of Cake' (# 175)

"Where there's a will, there's a relative." - Nick, 'She Killed Santa' (# 182)

"Intuition never convicted anybody." - Tom, 'Missing Digits' (# 199)

"Women don't understand food like men do." - PJ, 'Child's Play' (# 200)

"Horses, they're dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle." - Tom, 'Winning At All Costs' (# 214)

"(Teenagers) don't need a reason for odd behaviour." - Tom, 'Jack of Hearts' (# 226)

"I sometimes think men are born two hours later than women, and they never catch up." - Helena Hasham, 'Miracle at Rabbit Creek' (# 247)

"For those that believe, no explanation is necessary.  For those who don't, none is possible." - Father Brian Hegarty, 'Miracle at Rabbit Creek' (# 247)

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