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TV Interviews

   - General Interviews -

Denise (20/4/98)  - Lisa McCune with Denise Drysdale
On Blue Heelers and its sweep at the 1998 TV Week Logie Awards

Today Tonight (1998)  - Tasma Walton with Alex Tarney
On Blue Heelers' latest storyline for Tasma Walton, in which Dash finds out she has cancer

11am (9/9/98)  - John Wood and Martin Sacks with Andrew Daddo and Anne Fulwood
On Blue Heelers celebrating 200 episodes

11am (26/9/98)  - Paul Bishop with Anne Fulwood
On Paul Bishop and his return as a permanent member of the Mt Thomas Police Station.

   - Interviews from the Blue Heelers video (released early '97) -

Interview 1  - with Lisa McCune and Martin Sacks
On Maggie and PJ and playing these characters, and the idea of "cops with heart"

Interview 2  - with Lisa McCune, John Wood and Martin Sacks
On working together, and the more popular characters of Mt Thomas

Interview 3  - with John Wood
On the country-town-with-nice-coppers appeal of Blue Heelers and general attitudes towards the police.

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