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11am (1998) : John Wood and Martin Sacks with Andrew Daddo and Anne Fulwood

Andrew: Tonight, a milestone for Australia's most successful Australian drama.   Blue Heelers celebrates 200 episodes, and we're joined this morning by two of the stars, we thought we'd celebrate with them.   John Wood and Martin Sacks.   Good morning to you both.

John: Morning Andy.

Andrew: Hi!

Martin: How are ya?

Andrew: Congratulations on 200.

John: Thank you very much.

Martin: Thank you.

Andrew: Did you think back in 1993 when you started that er, you were onto a winner?  (Big pause from John & Martin)  Honestly?

Martin: Nah!  (Both laugh)

John: I, look I thought it was a really good, and I've said before, I thought the pilot was really terrific and I thought the characters were really well drawn but, I wouldn't have believed we'd be still here five years later.  Um...

Martin: We were taking bets that after six months that we'd probably hide him back to Sydney and everybody else would be looking for a, for a job, but you know...

John: Well, you've bought a house in Melbourne.

Martin: Yeah.

Andrew: So Marty, how's the move been for you? I mean, 'cause you were, you were Sydney.

Martin: I was Sydney.

Andrew: You'd say "Martin Sacks" and you'd go, "Sydney".

Martin: Yeah, that's right, but now I'm Martin Sacks, I live in Melbourne.  And I'm, I'm here for good Andy.

Anne: And do you think you'd ... you'd like to continue in this for as long as it is possible, as long as Blue Heelers keeps going, you guys are there, right?

(Pause from John and Martin)

John: well, who knows, I mean you know like, things change.   I mean you know you do get off on other stuff.

Anne: Have you had offers John, for other things?

John: Oh I...

Andrew: Come on, John.

John: ... I work on stage when I get the chance.  But, you know ... who knows, I think we're only contracted to the end of ... next year.   Umm ... so we'll, we'll be open, we'll be on the market.

Anne: But when do you get to fulfil the stage urge then, John or even Martin, you have do that sort of in the summer holidays, do you?

John: No, I mean, I did initially, the first thing I did, and Lisa's done a couple of Christmas, you know, summer holidays things, but er, last year I did "The Club" at the same time as Heelers.  It was a bit hard, for a man of my tender years.  (Anne laughs)  It was great to do, it was really, it was really worth it, really worth doing.   I mean you really need to get on stage occasionally, I think as an actor.

Andrew: And, and now The Club's happening for real down there in Melbourne as well with Kylie...

John: It certainly is.   Our opposition, our opponent from the other side.

Andrew: We've got a, we've got a surprise for you so I don't know how much of a surprise it is for you but...

(A woman brings in a cake that has "Congratulations on your 200th birthday BLUE HEELERS" written on it.)

Martin: Oh ... my God!

Andrew: We thought we'd bring you a happy birthday 200 cake.

Martin: Thank you very much!

Anne: And I thought I'd sing to you but Andrew told me not to, so —

Martin: Have a go!

John: No go on Andrew...

Martin: We're ready.

Andrew: (sings)  Happy Birthday to you

John: Come on, I wanted to hear Anne sing.

Anne: Yeah well see John Wood has heard me sing before and er, John I know you don't want me to sing again.

John: Yes it'll be very late at night.  (All laugh)

Andrew: Yes, you certainly can hear her sing later tonight.  With a cigar or something usually.

Anne: (laughs)   Oh, thank you.

Andrew: Is there a, a memorable storyline for both of you? Was it for you John, I think ... 'cos it took a while for you to have a romance on the programme didn't it?

John: Er, well it still hasn't happened!  (All laugh)

Andrew: They're still alluding to it!

John: They are alluding to it, yes.  Cate Wilkin was in er, Cate you probably remember from "Rafferty's Rules", but she came in and played a character called Sally Downie, who's a lawyer, umm ... but she sort of vanished about —

Martin: But she does return.

John: She does return, I think she comes back next week.  Yeah.

Anne: But Martin there's a little bit of tantalisation with you isn't there, and er, now that we've got —

Martin: Oh, yeah, five years, five years, it's been a lot, a lot of tantalisation...

(All laugh)

John: And we don't know about it.  (Laughs)

Anne: Oh and what about when you —

Andrew: What about on screen though?  (Laughs)

Martin: Oh I thought — you're talking about the show?  (All laugh)  No...  (Laughs)

Anne: What about, is it Paul Bishop?  Paul Bishop, who's come down.  

Martin: Yeah, Paul's joined the cast.

Anne: He's a bit competitive.

Martin: Yeah, he's a lovely lad, he's joined the cast, er ... so er, there is a bit of competition going there, but it's all good for, makes some good storylines.

Anne: Oh and make Maggie feel good too?

Martin: Yeah, it makes Maggie feels great!

Andrew: What will we see tonight for the 200th episode?

John: I was going to say something, but what — what are you going to see tonight?

Andrew: Yeah.

John: What, are you planning to watch?

Andrew: Oh I always watch, I never miss it.

John: Okay umm ... Tom has his 50th birthday.   So if the show keeps going I'm going to have to retire, because I think you gotta retire at 55.

Andrew: No.  Not you.

John: No in the police force.

Andrew: Oh okay.

John: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh you can come back as ahh ... just the cop who used to know everything.   (All laugh)

John: That's right I'll do what they did on "Heartbeat", I'll take over the post office.

Andrew: (laughs)   "Back in my day..."

John: It'll be privatised by then, I'll be able to buy one.

Anne: Oh there you go. (laughs)

Andrew: Listen we gotta go, thanks very much for your time, John Wood and Martin Sacks.  Congratulations...

John & Martin: Thank you very much.

Martin: Thanks for the cake.

John: Very nice of you.

Andrew: Pass it on to the rest of the cast.

John: Will do that.

Andrew: Congratulations.

Martin: See ya.

John: See you soon.

Martin: Bye.

Anne: See you soon.  See you singing soon, John.

John: (laughs)   Oh, you might.

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