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The Blue Heelers video (1997) : Lisa McCune, John Wood and Martin Sacks

Lisa McCune, John Wood and Martin Sacks

Interviewer: Are there times when things just don't go to plan?

Martin: Constantly.

Lisa: Ahh ... constantly, yeah.

Martin: Absolutely.

Lisa: Yeah.

(Pause from the three of them)

John: Like ... that question.  (He and Martin laugh)  Oh, no, all the time.  I mean, nothing, life, your life can't go to plan, can it, so stuff like this...

Martin: Well there was that time.

John: It's very, I mean look, it's fairly well regimented you know, what you do in this studio, it's er —

Lisa: Mind you after being here for twelve hours after two days, you start to, a lot...

John: You do start, yes well you do start to, get really tired and make really fundamental and silly mistakes.

Lisa: Spoonerisms, at a rate of knots.

John: But you know, I mean the whole thing of doing a one-hour weekly TV drama in two days, you know, basically do it in two days, it has to go according to plan, I ...  (Looks at Lisa, who is looking behind his back in Martin's direction)  What are you doing?

''So, that was a memorable experience''

Lisa: (laughing)  ... he's very defensive.

Martin: Whose, mine?  (Laughs)

Lisa: His!  He's crossing his arms!  (Laughs)  Sorry, you were in the middle of something...

(John puts his arms around the two of them.)

Martin: So, that was a memorable experience.

John: See that answer didn't go according to plan.

I: So who do you, do you have an idea about who you think the audience's favourite cop might be?

''Absolutely no question''

(John coughs and moves Lisa round to the front, and Martin starts jabbing his finger in Lisa's direction.)

Lisa: (laughs)  Ohh no, that's not fair.  (Laughing can be heard in the background)

John: Absolutely no question.

Lisa: No, I think that's age group.  (Sees that John is pointing at her)  Don't do that!

Martin: (still jabbing his finger at Lisa)  This one.

John: (to the camera)  She's very prickly, isn't she?

Lisa: I think it's age group so I mean you know, kids like Maggie...

Martin: (talking over the top of Lisa)  Noo, you know what the true test is?

Lisa: (points at Martin)  ... but the *women* love *him*.

''This one''

Martin: The true test is that, the one person they always come and ask you about ... (points at Lisa) is that one.

Lisa: Guys this is awful.

John: Ohh no, no, I reckon a lot of people come up and ask me about Adam.

Martin: Adam?

John: (looks at Martin)  Damian, yes!  Remember Damian?  (He starts laughing)

Martin: (laughs)  Oh...

John: There you go, there's a memorable moment.

Lisa: It's different ... it's like, kids like Maggie, some people love Martin and I think it's very, it's very different, I think that different people love different things, you know.

John: It's amazing you know, some people do love Martin.  I thought only his mother would love him but there you go.  It's amazing isn't it.

I: Do each of you have a favourite character in the Mt Thomas community?

John: Oh Nick, for sure.  (All laugh)

Martin: Yeah.

Lisa: The hardest, grumpiest, but lovable character in a show.

John: No no no no, I reckon, um ... favourite character, so um, oh you mean the Mt Thomas community.  Oh I think um, I really like, well, Clancy.  I mean I think we all probably love Clancy a lot.  

Lisa: Keith Purvis is fantastic.

John: Yeah, he's alright.  Charlie Clarke...

Martin: Also the extras, we got fantastic extras, you know we got, you know, Jack —

Lisa: Yeah, Jack and his wife.

John: Jack Paynting, fantastic bloke.  

Martin: Great, great people come in every week.  And they love it, and er ... you know, and they never really get a guernsey in terms of lines but they come in, week in week out, and they just you know, add a lot of atmosphere.

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