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The alternative Blue Heelers web site

   - Articles on Blue Heelers -

Newspaper article:
A Country Cop Shop  - The Age  (Jan. 13, 1994)
Jim Schembri has his doubts about Channel Seven's new cop show, "Blue Heelers".  He has a chat with script writer Tony Morphett.

Newspaper article:
Bush Bobbies  - The Sydney Morning Herald  (Jan. 17, 1994)
Producer Hal McElroy tells Monique Farmer why he believes Blue Heelers will be a success.

Newspaper article:
Bush coppers show mettle  - The Australian  (Jan. 18, 1994)
Bryce Hallett speaks to Hal McElroy, producer of the new Aussie cop show Blue Heelers.

Newspaper article:
Cop show passes the first shot test  - The Courier Mail  (Jan. 18, 1994)
Mike O'Connor briefly explains why he thinks Seven's latest cop show will be sticking around for a while to come.

Magazine article:
Something's got to give  - TV Week  (Jan. 25, 1997)
That URST is still there between PJ and Maggie ... and something's got to give.

Magazine article:
William's standing tall  - TV Week  (Feb. 8, 1997)
William McInnes reflects on working in a top-rating series.

Magazine article:
Blue Appealers  - Who  (Feb. 10, 1997)
A look at the action off-camera on the set of Blue Heelers.

Magazine article:
Heelers hit 150  - TV Week  (Jul. 5, 1997)
Australia's most popular TV drama celebrates its 150th episode this week.

Magazine article:
Top guns!  - TV Week  (May 2, 1998)
In five years, Blue Heelers has proved phenomenally successful.  How long can it last?

Journal article:
Behind the Scenes in Blue Heelers  - Australian Police Journal  (Dec. 1999)
Peter Haddow talks about working behind the scenes as police adviser on Blue Heelers.

Newspaper article:
Hard-working dogs  - The Age  (Nov. 16, 2000)
It's reached a milestone 300 episodes, yet this cop show is still going strong.


   - Other Articles of Interest -

Newspaper article:
No tall poppies, we're team spirits - The Australian  (Mar. 30, 2000)
Graham Thorburn examines the features of Australian television drama, and ponders the reasoning behind its unique yet peculiar characteristics.

Newspaper article:
Logie gems to treasure - The Australian  (May 4, 2000)
Shane Danielsen recalls the events of the 2000 Logie Awards.

Newspaper article:
Cops and lawyers to the rescue - The Australian  (July 4, 2002)
Four Australian TV series are about to be launched into a local drama scene that's more competive than ever.

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This section of my site won't be growing much; I might add two or three articles sometime, but that'll probably be it. And thanks to Kylie, Larina and Cathryn for helping out with the articles.

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