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Current Cast
John Wood as Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon
John Wood as Tom Croydon
Martin Sacks as Senior Detective PJ Hasham
Martin Sacks as PJ Hasham
Julie Nihill as Chris Riley
Julie Nihill as Chris Riley

Paul Bishop as Senior Constable Ben Stewart
Paul Bishop as Ben Stewart
Jane Allsop as Constable Jo Parrish
Jane Allsop as Jo Parrish
Caroline Craig as Sergeant Tess Gallagher
Caroline Craig as Tess Gallagher
Ditch Davey as Constable Evan Jones
Ditch Davey as Evan Jones

- Past Cast -

Rupert Reid - Jack Lawson
Lisa McCune - Maggie Doyle
Tasma Walton - Dash McKinley
Damian Walshe-Howling - Adam Cooper
William McInnes - Nick Schultz
Grant Bowler - Wayne Patterson
Ann Burbrook - Roz Patterson

- Regular guest stars -

Peter Aanensen - Merv Poole
Peta Doodson - Monica Draper
Suzi Dougherty - Melanie Carter
Reg Evans - Keith Purvis
Michael Isaacs - Clancy Freeman
Jeremy Kewley - Tony Timms
Neil Pigot - Russell Falcon-Price

- Ex-regular guest stars -

Kate Atkinson - Stacey Cooper
Rachel Blakely - Gina Belfanti
Emily Browning - Hayley Fulton
Brett Climo - Robbie Doyle
Karen Davitt - Zoe Hamilton
Sapidah Kian - Jasmin Farah
Dennis Miller - Pat Doyle
Geoff Paine - Roman Kellerman
Marie Trevor - Leila Clegg
Catherine Wilkin - Sally Downie

Actors who played recurring characters in more minor roles:


Notable actors/performers/personalities who have appeared on Blue Heelers:

Hugh Jackman as Curly in ''Oklahoma!'' (1998)
Lee Kernaghan in the BH ep 'Duty of Care' (1996)
Frances O'Connor as Mia in ''Love and Other Catastrophes'' (1996)

Note: For a list of actors who have appeared on both Blue Heelers and SeaChange, see the BH-SC Connection page.

- The Changing Times: the coppers of Mt Thomas -

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