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Kate Atkinson as Stacey Cooper (with William McInnes)

Stacey Cooper (née Norse) – Kate Atkinson

Adam married Stacey because she was pregnant, and had no idea the father of the child was actually Brad Dimmock, Stacey's ex-boyfriend.  When Stacey miscarried, she and Adam were devastated.  Brad soon came back to town and things blew up between him and Adam, ending in an incident where both of them were shot (Brad fatally) and Adam was suspected of a murder-suicide.  It turned out Stacey and Brad had plotted to kill Adam for his police death benefits payment, which would have gone to Stacey, had Adam died.  Stacey was charged with conspiracy to murder.

* * * * *

First episode: 'Fowl Play' (#134)
Last episode: 'Every Contact Leaves Its Trace' (#154)

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