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The Blue Heelers - SeaChange Connection

If you've watched both Blue Heelers and SeaChange — two shows which in their heyday were incredibly popular amongst Aussie audiences — you've probably noticed that there are an awful lot of actors who have popped up in both shows.  So here's a list of actors, as far as I know, who have appeared at least twice in either BH or SC (or both):

Thanks to Nadine for her screen caps.

Kate Atkinson as Stacey Cooper / Karen Miller
Actor:  Bruce Alexander
Role in BH:  Bob Barker (owned the stolen house) - 'Moving House' (ep. 174) & 'Flushed' (ep. 346)
Role in SC:  Sergeant Graeme Grey - regular
Actor:  Kerry Armstrong
Role in BH:  Sandy Fielding - ep. ? in Season 1
Role in SC:  Heather Jelly - regular
Actor:  Kate Atkinson
Role in BH:  Stacey Cooper née Norse (Adam's wife) - various eps in Season 4
Role in SC:  Senior Constable Karen Miller - regular
Actor:  Alan Cassell
Role in BH:  Henry Biggins (owner of stolen coins) - 'Sisterly Love' (ep. 152) & 'The Civil Dead' (ep. 169); as Ross Hale (vineyard owner) - 'Family Reserve' (ep. 302)
Role in SC:  Harold Fitzwalter - regular
Actor:  Fiona Corke
Role in BH:  Thea Copeland (therapist) - 'Mind Games' (ep. 110) & 'Settlement Postponed' (ep. 167)
Role in SC:  Trudi Dawson (Laura's sister) - various eps in Seasons 1-3
Actor:  Suzi Dougherty
Role in BH:  Dr Melanie Carter (doctor) - regular guest star; also has had several different guest roles, including that of Kelly Hayden in 'Fair Crack of the Whip' (eps. 100 & 101)
Role in SC:  Lucy (Kevin's wife) - 'Perchance to Dream' (ep. 12)
Alan Cassell as Henry Biggins / Harold Fitzwalter
Actor:  Paul English
Role in BH:  Guy Ashfield (school principal) - 'Sisterly Love' (ep. 152);  Steve Parker (political sidekick) - 'The Price of Silence' (ep. 241); Nick Browne (medical specialist) - 'Paper Chase' (ep. 289) & 'Legwork' (ep. 293)
Role in SC:  Jack Gibson (Laura's husband) - various eps in Season 1
Actor:  Reg Evans
Role in BH:  Keith Purvis (local farmer) - regular guest star
Role in SC:  Lewis Murphy (Cynthia Fitzwalter's neighbour) - 'Kitty Litter' (ep. 24)
Actor:  Matthew Green
Role in BH:  Constable Greg Mason - 'Jack of Hearts' (ep. 226) & 'The Grace of God' (ep. 227)
Role in SC:  Lionel Guthrie (lawyer) - various eps in Seasons 1 & 2
Actor:  Francis Greenslade
Role in BH:  Shane Thompson (professional shooter) - 'Loose Cannons' (ep. 143); as John Waterson (ambulance officer) - 'Miracle at Rabbit Creek' (ep. 247); as John Turner (chook breeder) - 'Fowl Play' (ep. 307)
Role in SC:  Simmo (local) - various eps in Seasons 1-3
Actor:  Robert Grubb
Role in BH:  Sgt. Harris (from IID) - 'Paranoia (Pt 2)' (ep. 67);  as ? (funeral director) - 'The Deepest Cut' (ep. 238)
Role in SC:  Barry Boston (Heather's gay friend) - various eps in Seasons 1-3
Actor:  Kevin Harrington
Role in BH:  Charlie McKinley (Dash's brother) - various eps Seasons 4-6
Role in SC:  Kevin Findlay - regular
Christopher Lyons as Ben Greenway / Trevor Findlay
Actor:  Jeremy Kewley
Role in BH:  Tony Timms (journalist) - regular guest star
Role in SC:  Geoff (from Port Deakin Council) - 'Law and Order' (ep. 26)
Actor:  Christopher Lyons
Role in BH:  Ben Greenway (Wayne's girlfriend's son) - 'All Part of the Service', 'Dog Days' & 'An Act of Random Violence' (eps 94-96);  Martin Lennox (high school kid) - 'Hello Goodbye' (ep. 239); as Jamie Kinsela (high school student) - 'Fooling Around' (ep. 308)
Role in SC:  Trevor Findlay - regular
Actor:  Belinda McClory
Role in BH:  Jennifer (Nick's girlfriend) - a few eps in Season 1;  Senior Constable Robyn Taylor (Maggie's temporary replacement in Season 6) - 'End of the Road' (ep. 224) until 'The Good Life' (ep. 229)
Role in SC:  Dorothy Della Bosca (Diver Dan's wife) - 'Stormy Weather' (ep. 7)
William McInnes as Nick Schultz / Max Connors
Actor:  Cassandra Magrath
Role in BH:  Jessica Taylor (politician's illegitimate daughter) - 'Sins of the Father' (ep. 351)
Role in SC:  Miranda Gibson - regular
Actor:  William McInnes
Role in BH:  Nick Schultz - ex-regular
Role in SC:  Max Connors - regular
Actor:  Kane McNay
Role in BH:  Brad Carmichael (bullied student) - 'Bully Boys' (ep. 290); Daniel Curtis (Reverend Grace's son) - 'Salvation' (Parts 1 & 2), 'In Another Place' and 'Parenthood' (eps. 365 - 368)
Role in SC:  Rupert Gibson - regular
Kane McNay as Brad Carmichael / Rupert Gibson
Actor:  Shaun Micallef
Role in BH:  Rip Vaughan (Film producer) - 'Stars In Their Eyes' (ep. 181)
Role in SC:  Warwick Munroe (Laura's new man) - various eps Season 3
Actor:  Georgina Naidu
Role in BH:  Bronywn Salter (from 'Paradise') - 'Paradise Lost' (ep. 245)
Role in SC:  Phrani Gupta - regular
Actor:  Cameron Nugent
Role in BH:  Liam Conroy (mechanic's son) - 'Waiting to Happen' (ep. 114);  Jordan McKenzie (escaped criminal) - 'Behind the Badge' (ep. 235)
Role in SC:  Craig Jelly - regular
Actor:  Grant Piro
Role in BH:  Tim Ryan (social worker) - Seasons 5 & 6
Role in SC:  Bryce Reardon (lawyer) - a few eps in Season 1
Actor:  Byrony Price
Role in BH:  Georgina Buckley (daughter of lottery winner) - 'Buckley's Chance' (ep. 147)
Role in SC:  Jules Jelly (regular)
Actor:  Helen Rollinson
Role in BH:  Maureen Ritchie (local) - 'All in the Family' (ep. 208) & 'The Angel Cruise' (ep. 236)
Role in SC:  Joy (wife of convicted drunkard) - 'One of the Gang' (ep. 6)
Actor:  Jim Russell
Role in BH:  Chook Stevens (local farmer) - 'Wedding Blues' (ep. 207); Max Keeble (father of kidnapped boy) - 'Winners and Losers' (ep. 314)
Role in SC:  Squid Connors (Max's brother) - 'Broken Hearts and Crustaceans' (ep. 16) & 'The House That Jack Built' (ep. 19)
Actor:  Brett Swain
Role in BH:  ? - 'Waiting For Apples' (ep. 5); Bruce Searle (scammed the fishing comp) - 'Something Fishy' (ep. 267)
Role in SC:  Griff (local) - regular guest star
Frank Wilson as Maurie Lawson / Len Connors
Actor:  Greg Stone
Role in BH:  Ron Blakely - 'Armed and Dangerous' (ep. 13); Shorty (nightclub owner) - 'Collateral Damage' (ep. 165) & 'The Big Picture' (ep. 166); ? (angry father) - 'Falling' (ep. 312)
Role in SC:  John Patrick Gower, aka Matthew Reilly (marijuana grower) - 'The Official Story' (ep. 4)
Actor:  David Wenham
Role in BH:  William Cassidy - 'The Folly of Youth' (ep. 37);  Robbie Doyle (Maggie's brother) - 'Happy Families' - ep. 98
Role in SC:  Diver Dan - ex-regular
Actor:  Frank Wilson
Role in BH:  Maurie Lawson (Jack's great-grandfather) - 'Chip Off the Old Block' (ep. 258)
Role in SC:  Len Connors (Max's father) - 'Sink or Swim' (ep. 17), 'Head For Water' (ep. 18) & 'I Name Thee Bay of Pearls' (ep. 34)

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