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From Who  (February 10, 1997)




The police station and the pub look remarkably like the real thing
Close-up shot of the station's front desk
One of the computers in the station
The Blue Heelers police station set
  As well as charity tins, the front desk of Mt Thomas Police Station has pictures and details of real missing persons, including teenager Tabbatha Hodge of Maroochydore, Qld.
  A computer screen shows: "Inquest into the Death in Custody of Vincent James Platt."
  Among prop department "case folders" are "Sodomy" and "Shooters Licences".
Mock case folders on the station set

  Old trophies above the juke box (which features the Monkees hit "D.W. Washburn") include one to W. Lobb Esq for cut flowers.
The Imperial's jukebox
  Though P.J., Adam and Nick usually hog the pub dartboard, blackboards flanking it keep score for the mystery "Dunny Diner Duo", "Colin" and players with the initials B, H, J and O.
The Imperial's dartboard
The Blue Heelers Imperial set

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