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The alternative Blue Heelers web site

- Web Sites -

UK Blue Heelers Website : Constantly updated, lots of news, heaps of pics, message board ... great resource of BH stuff!

Mt Thomas Gazette : Views and opinions from the editor and fans on the current goings-ons in Mt Thomas, with a message board and info on cast & characters.

Blue Heelers Online : Great episode guide, articles, cast pics and more.

Blue Heelers @ TV Tome : Lots of information on episodes. Updated often.

Sarah's Blue Heelers Site : Has lots of stuff, but the best bit is the 'PJ & Maggie - Never Forget You' video!

VKC 2 : Has a big collection of great BH images.

The Unofficial PJ & Maggie Shrine : fantastic content, with lots and lots of great PJ & Maggie moments, an excellent episode guide, lots of PJ & Maggie sounds, PJ & Maggie pictures and other things as well!

The Blue Heelers Information Site : great character and actor information, a nice layout, plus screen captures, information on filming locations, and a good news section.

The Blue Heelers Fanfiction Archive : you can't go past this site for the biggest collection of BH fanfics!

Australian Television Information Archive : Lots of information on a huge range of Aussie TV shows.

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- Mailing Lists -

Blueheelersfans : for general discussion on BH.

BHfic : Share your BH storyline fantasies with other fans.

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- Off-topic sites -

TileMachine : great stuff — make tiling images. Check out the tiles of the "author of the week".

A List Apart : This is a fantastic resource for webmasters — there are loads of articles on lots of interesting subjects to browse through.  Read about where the web is heading, brush up on your web languages, learn to change from tables to style sheets, and ... more.

The Rob Blanc Series : funny DOS-based RPG adventure game.

Photomodeler Lite : Take snaps of your favourite toy (or person or house or whatever) and turn it into a 3D computer model!

Anim8or : A great free 3D program.  Check out the Gallery page to see the great stuff you can do with it. : Get an objective review of your web site.

Web2ftp : Use FTP without using a program.

ZoneAlarm : Get ZoneAlarm, a fantastic firewall (internet security) program that helps to control what leaves and enters your computer.

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